Busting Myths About Wind Turbines

Yesterday we talked at depth about residential solar PV to help people better understand the different configurations in use today.  Hopefully it also busted a few myths.

Whilst in a myth busting mood, today I have found a video about wind turbines, which are getting a fair bit of press, especially the opponents of local wind farms in our area.  It has been found that many of these so called grass roots opponents belong to groups such as the Waubra Foundation and the Landscape Guardians, that are fronts for the fossil fuel industry, as Environment correspondent Sandi Keane brilliantly exposed.  Wind farms are a threat to their massive profits and are in reality astroturf type organisations funded by vested interests.  By creating confusion and spreading myths, it helps rally support against this form of renewable energy.

With that said, the Friends of Earth put together a great video that debunks common myths about wind turbines. It is a six-minute animation on wind energy and the common myths and confusions that threaten its development; including Wind Turbine Sickness, sound emissions and impact on bird populations.

I have previously written about the 2km planning regulation in this post titled “Planning Favours Coal Over Wind“, which explains this planning tomfoolery in layman’s terms.

Please share the video with anyone you like, because the more people that understand why these myths are false, it give less ammunition to the scaremongering opponents of these renewable energy developments.

Education wins over ignorance every time!


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    Great video and thank you. My MIL had told me that ind turbines were really noisy and I had assumed that to be true. I was still pro-turbines as I think they are a fantastic energy source and I also think they look really stately and elegant but the noise concerns had me a little worried. They are now put to rest and I am debating whether I stir up the pot and send this video to my MIL (in the UK) or not. ;o)

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