On The Up

Great news.Kim and Ben have both nearly recovered from the bout of gastro they caught.  Even though they have not been very active today, they are in very good spirits. They were fully out of action for two entire days, with recovery taking a few days more.  Fortunately, I did not catch the bug, partly due to lack of contact on Tuesday when Ben first displayed symptoms (I was at   [Continue Reading …]

The Sky Will Not Fall Due To The Carbon Tax

Quite frankly readers, I am really sick of all the political and media hype about the carbon tax and that the sky will fall come 1st July.  This ABC 7.30 report from last night puts some perspective to the so called carbon tax. Nothing bad will happen!  The sun will still shine on my solar panels as it does most days, my plants will still grow, and my chickens will still lay eggs.   [Continue Reading …]

Winter Blues


The winter blues, yes I have them. The last few days at the house of TGOG have been quite ordinary indeed.  The weather has been cold and miserable, there has been very little sunlight, and both Kim and Ben have a very strong dose of gastroenteritis.  Pretty shitty sort of day today (literally), and I took the day off work to look after them both.  Being sustainable is the last   [Continue Reading …]

Secret of Good Soap


Did you know that most commercial soaps have some of the following ingredients?Synthetic Scents– Soaps may contain fragrances which are synthetic compounds that can lead to drying out or irritation of your skin.Triethanolamine – is an ingredient common to branded soaps. This is a possible human carcinogen that is linked to other health problems. When this ingredient is present, three other   [Continue Reading …]

The Greening of Gavin – eBook Published


How does it feel to have your own book finally published?Well, let me tell you that it feels fantastic! It is available for FREE at my eBookstore.Anyway, it took me over a month to put it together, and it has been a steep learning curve.  Self publishing is not for the faint-hearted.  From reading the style guide, writing (of course), formatting, and now marketing, the self   [Continue Reading …]

Giveaway Winners!


A big thanks to all who had a go at the contest, which I am glad was so popular.The winner of the first prize, the book ECOTOPIA is......Congratulations to Katrina!The winner of the second prize, The Corporation DVD (all regions) is.....Congratulations to Bruise Mouse!Can both of you please contact me via email as soon as you can, and I will pop your prizes in the post?  The only   [Continue Reading …]

Mozzarella Workshop #6


Today I held a private cheese making workshop organised by VG who blogs at the Veggie Gobbler.I had a ball, and was honoured to meet Monkey Man, the two money boys, the dog, and the chickens!  Ben accompanied me today as Kim wanted some alone time to do some craft, so we set off and set up ready for the class at 2pm.  He was a great lad, and even fixed their computer while he   [Continue Reading …]

Mega Free Green Giveaway!


Time for a giveaway to say thanks to all readers of this blog. In fact, as chance would have it, I have two items to send two lucky winners.The first prize is a never-been-read novel called "ECOTOPIA" by Ernest Callenbach, who I wrote about in this post titled "One Finger Cannot Lift A Pebble".  The online book company sent me two copies by mistake and only charge me for one, so I am   [Continue Reading …]

The Dreaming


My love of the science fiction and horror genre came to the fore last night, when I experienced one of the most vivid dreams in quite a long time. Let me write you a story about it, for I will be able to tell it better that way. It features many members of my family. Illustration by my talented wife Kim.He woke, shivering, in the dark of the night. The dream felt so real as Gavin shook off his   [Continue Reading …]



Yes, I am for real.  We experienced a tremor here in Melton, with the epicentre being about 170km (106 miles) away from us near Moe, Victoria.It was recorded at 5.3 on the Richter scale, but no major damage has been recorded so far.  Here is the latest from news.com.auI was sitting in my computer chair drafting a post on the Simple Green Frugal Co-op, when my chair began to   [Continue Reading …]

In Defence Of Tap

I love tap water, in fact that is all I drink. There are none of those trumped up claims attached to tap water except that it is safe and cheap to drink. Even if you don't think the fluoride that they add to it is any good for you, you can simply filter it out with little effort.If you are some of the few fortunate humans on the planet to be connected to clean drinking water, then there is no   [Continue Reading …]

Pizza Oven Party


Saturday night was a hoot!  It had been about a year since we started making our clay cob oven!  I still remember laying the first brick for the base, and once it was down there was no turning back.About six months ago, Kim and I were putting together the half year schedule for the Melton Sustainable Living Group and decided to include a Pizza Oven Party.  Many of the group members   [Continue Reading …]

Watching A Solar Installation In Action!


I must be in awe of the amazing rate and vast capital outlay of solar PV investment in Germany, because everywhere I look around the net, I find stories of big, and I mean big instalations.Like this one near the city of Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia.  When complete it will have 44,000 solar panels and produce 10 Megawatts at peak.  The initial outlay is about €12 million   [Continue Reading …]

From Our German Correspondent…


Those who read regularly will know that my son, Adam is living in Cologne, Germany.  He has been sending me a renewable energy story when he travels around the countryside, and this story amazing.He was about to fly to Venice (a birthday present from his girlfriend Sina), from Airport Weeze when across the tarmac he spotted this solar array (double click to enlarge)I took the liberty to   [Continue Reading …]

Finishing Touches


As it was the Queen's Birthday long weekend, I had lots of plans to get many tasks performed around the urban farm.However, as the weather would have it, most of the stuff I wanted to do got compressed into one single day.  Saturday and Sunday were cold, raining and miserable, but gave me time to work a little on the eBook and to watch a movie or two.So lets have a look at what we got up   [Continue Reading …]

Blogs vs Books


As I have very recently discovered, writing a book takes time and patience and as such is a different beast than blogging.  Allow me to compare the two.Blog posts are a great way to document an idea or story quickly.  If I have a thought about some green/non-green event or witness something during the day, I can write it down in my A4 text book, that I carry around with me, and then type   [Continue Reading …]

Money IS Time


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the phrase "Time Is Money".  Let me give you my spin on the term.Everyday, most of use use money to purchase goods and services from other.  Things that we can't or don't make ourselves, like food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment.   In their basic form these things represent someone else's time to which they have assigned a   [Continue Reading …]

Frugal And Wholesome Food


Today's post is over at the Simple Green Frugal Co-op, and is titled "Frugal Food Like The Old Days".  My love of the humble scone comes to light, as does my ingrained habit of taking a home cooked lunch to work at least four days a week. It saves me a blooming fortune, and I get to use the yummy jam I make, with lashings of cream.  Simple pleasures are the best!   [Continue Reading …]