You Can’t Keep Me Down For Long!

Only 5 days out of hospital and I had the local press around for an interview and photo shoot!

This time my local eco reporter Meg, was doing a series of articles about sustainable living, more specifically people making things themselves.

The photographer arrvied at about 1230, and we took lot of pictures of cheese and me in the kitchen.  I had everything set up as if I was making some, and also had some Wensleydale, Pyrenees with peppercorns, and a 10 month old Parmesan on display.  It was a good set, and I hope to get some of the photos for the blog.

After the cheese session, we moved out to the chookhouse, where the obliging Barnevelder, Jennifer and I plus an egg from one of the ISA Browns stood in various poses for the camera.  Jen the chook was very good and even held her head still for at least a second, and if you have chooks you will know what I mean :-)

About half way through this shoot Meg turned up for the interview, so we wrapped up the photo shoot, and headed inside to my study.  The interview lasted about 40 minutes, and should appear in part at least in two separate articles I believe, over the next few weeks in the Melton Weekly.  I will post the link when it is published.

When everyone left at 1430, I looked at the cheese equipment and decided that instead of putting it all away again, it was too good an opportunity to make a simple cheese like feta.  So I did!  As it only requires 20 minutes stiring, I knew I could handle this time on my feet.

During the process, I found that the curds did not set firmly enough as I must have not added enough calcium chloride to the milk at the start.  I had to compensate by bagging up the cheese initially and hanging it over a large pot like thus:

This way, I can let it drain slowly, without loosing lots of protien due to the sloppy curd.  The whey is draining clearly, opposed to cloudy if I had have pressed it as per normal.  I have left it like this for two hours, then will put it into the normal square mould to finish it off for another two hours.  Then into the brine for 24 hours and leave it for a few days before eating!  Necessity is the mother of invention.

Anway, time for a rest me thinks.  Today has been a big one.

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  1. says

    When I was a child,my family made a lot of cottage cheese, and we used a similar procedure. I wish I had some now. Mom would add mayo and radishes,salt and pepper. I’m not sure what else,but it was delicious.

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