Fully Charged

I don’t particularly like the TV show Top Gear at the best of times because of the values it portrays and represents, however when I read today that Jeremy Clarkson deceived his audience when performing a review of the Tesla Roadster electric vehicle, I thought even less of this arrogant man.  Apparently Jeremy is very anti-electric vehicle, anti-environmental and does not hesitate to promote the fact on his show and takes every opportunity to discredit this technology. 

I am not alone in my dislike, so it seems.  Robert Llewellyn (of Red Dwarf and Scrap Heap Challenge fame), has had a go at the popular TV series.  He has produced a great on-line TV show called “Fully Charged” which in my humble opinion helps to breakdown some of the myths about electric vehicles that the popular press have been tarring them with.  I love the way he goes about calculating the total carbon emissions of both an EV and an ordinary internal combustion engine.

I present to you the pilot episode of “Fully Charged”.

Check out Robert’s YouTube Channel called fullychargedshow for further episodes.  He has been posting one a week for the last month or so.  A cool show and I hope he posts many more.  It may even get picked up by mainstream TV.  By the time I get a telly it might be showing in Australia!


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    my husband loves this show! i used to think its a typical car show which is so “guy exclusive” i was wrong. now i enjoy watching this with my husband, i find the host good! im no car fan but he explains the stuff well enough that i could relate.

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    I have to admit that Top Gear is a guilty pleasure of mine. I completely agree with you about the cars and Clarksons attitude to hybrids. I watch it for the Challenges, some of them are hilarious. I also look at the show as a good indicator of what not to buy when it comes to cars. Anything they go nuts about is a good car to avoid, if I could afford it.

    I’ll be telling my husband about Fully Charged, mind you he probably already knows about it, given that we love watching Scrap Heap Challenge.

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    thanks for the tip, the menfolk in the house love the show, I hate it with a passion for the exact same reasons as you do. They only love the big V8’s and the faster the car goes the better. Why have a car that goes 200klms and hour when the limit is 100. I think its crazy and not very responsible. I will make sure they read this post and watch the video

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