Freedom From The Tube – Day 12

We had a brainstorming session here this afternoon about the benefits of the broken TV.  Here is the list and the name of the person who came up with the idea.

  1. No political ad campaigns – Gavin
  2. No body image thoughts – Kim
  3. We went to the cinema as a family for the first time to see Toy Story 3 – Ben
  4. Saving electricity – Ben
  5. Get a life – real life not TV life – Ben

It was a great discussion once we had all the ideas down.  Ben’s ideas were refreshing and honest, and I was glad Kim has begun to notice benefits as well.  Now these were just some of the upside we have noticed already.  However Kim and Ben do still watch a couple of hours a day on Kim’s small telly, which kind of dilute the enforced experiment.

I personally am grateful that it has broken when it has.  From what I read in the papers (online of course), the election campaign is simply a slinging match without very much substance or clever policies.  Both major parties seem to be vying for the marginal vote and leaving the rest of us alone.  Not that I know for certain, because I have only heard this third hand.  At least the Internet provides me with news on my own terms.

Further news on the TV repair front.  The truck that was supposed to pick it up had an accident and will be delayed for another week.  No-one is upset by that news either.  Kim simply mentioned that it gave us more time to save up the cash.

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs!  12 days clean from TV and not looking back.


  1. says

    @ nevyn

    Thanks for the heads up. I watched it on iView last night. Did a post about it today which I scheduled for 7pm

    @ dixiebelle

    You have caught me out! If the PC broke I would not be able to share with all of you!


  2. says

    Hi Gavin,

    While on the sugject of tv. Q&A screened a docco by Dick Smith tonight. It was called the Population Puzzle and was followed by the usual Q&A. Why John Elliott was on the panel is beyond me and I think everyone else was wondering the same thing but I digress.

    While watching both the Doco and Q&A I thought of you and figured it might be something you would like to see.

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