Clean Coal Air Freshener

While we are on the subject of big polluting industries, I thought I would slip in this dig at the Clean Coal lobby.  Directed by the Academy award winning Coen Brothers and produced by, this is a great rebuttal to the adds that must be all over US TV.

There is no such thing as Clean Coal. 


Permit Me to Make a Difference

Would you believe that I received an email at 1630 letting me know that the Today Tonight article would air at 1830.  It must have been a last minute inclusion.  The really funny thing was that I didn’t check my email until 1820.  A few frantic phone calls later to friends and family, we sat back and watched the show.  Now you can watch it as well.  Sit back, grab some popcorn, and please share the message where ever and when ever you can.


Welcome Today Tonight Viewers


Today Tonight ran the story this evening at 1830.  It was about the emissions reductions that ordinary Australians are increasingly making that, under the proposed CPRS, will not make one bit of difference to this country’s overall GHG emissions.  A sorry state of affairs, and one that needs to be corrected before the legislation goes through parliament.

GetUp! also have a campaign that is fighting for change in the area.  Have a look at the campaign details at this link. We all want to be able to make our personal efforts count, and not give big emitters any further incentive to increase their GHG emissions.  Have a look, and please sign the petition if you feel inclined.

Thanks for visiting, if you are new to my blog, I welcome you.  Stay for a while and have a look around, there are over 300 articles about sustainable living to read.  If you would like to see the segment again, Channel 7 may post it at their TT Video site tomorrow.  In the mean time, I have recorded the segment, and am processing the video now.  I hope to have it up on the blog tonight.