Permit Me to Make a Difference

Would you believe that I received an email at 1630 letting me know that the Today Tonight article would air at 1830.  It must have been a last minute inclusion.  The really funny thing was that I didn't check my email until 1820.  A few frantic phone calls later to friends and family, we sat back and watched the show.  Now you can watch it as well.  Sit back, grab some   [Continue Reading …]

Welcome Today Tonight Viewers


  Today Tonight ran the story this evening at 1830.  It was about the emissions reductions that ordinary Australians are increasingly making that, under the proposed CPRS, will not make one bit of difference to this country's overall GHG emissions.  A sorry state of affairs, and one that needs to be corrected before the legislation goes through parliament. GetUp! also have a   [Continue Reading …]

Marinated Feta


From this..... To this...... I added a sprig of rosemary, thyme and oregano.  2 dried  and crumbled birds-eye chilies, and a liberal grinding of black pepper.  Then top it all off with some nice extra virgin olive oil.  The recipe I followed recommended at least a week in the fridge for the flavours to infuse into the cheese.  I think I will give it two.  The   [Continue Reading …]

Fun at the SLF


What a huge weekend!  On Friday, I helped man the ATA stall at the Sustainable Living Festival.  It was a great morning, and so many people were after information about renewable energy.  I met so many interesting people who were contemplating a Solar PV installation or had just ordered one.  I let each one know about what Renewable Energy Certificates were all about, and my   [Continue Reading …]

And The Lucky Winner Is…


Drum roll please....Holly from Melbourne, come on down. You are the winner of the Greening of Gavin Giveaway!You may wonder why I only selected 29 eligable contestants. Well that is because my sister (didn't want the prize), Lisa, and Wombat064 commented twice, so I only thought it far to the others that I subtract their second comments.So thanks to; Babs, LashyLashla, nfmgirl, Chiot's Run,   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Living Festival

If you are near Federation Square, Melbourne tomorrow, don't forget to drop by the ATA stand and say hello.  I will be helping to run the stand first thing in the morning from about 0930 to 1200, but will definitely hang around the festival for most of the day.  I am very excited at the prospect of maybe meeting just one of my readers, but am equally excited about just being at the   [Continue Reading …]

Happy Blogiversary!


It was about this time last year that I wrote my first post on this humble web log.  Little did I know back then when I penned my first post, of the events that would unfold, and the doors that would open.  It has been a great ride, with many more interesting and topical posts to come. Oh, what fun it has been and I would like to thank every single visitor who has dropped by. Here are   [Continue Reading …]

Homemade Feta, or Gromit I Found the Cheese!


"Well done lad", said Wallace.  "You found the cheese!"Yesterday was a monumental day.  I made cheese Gromit!  All my life I have wanted to give it a go, but never made the time or found the opportunity.  Since trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I have seized as many opportunities as I can, and willing to learn new skills where I can.  This golden opportunity was   [Continue Reading …]

Where’s the Cheese, Gromit?


Sorry about this, but no cheese making post tonight.  I am very tired, after having just made a ramekin worth of ricotta out of the whey I produced today.  I chose to make Fetta, and it is not quite ready to present in all its glory.  It is still drying on a rack in the kitchen, and will be brined tomorrow.  So I believe that instead of posting half of the method, I will wait   [Continue Reading …]

Hot Chilli Chutney


I keep talking about this wonderful chutney, but have never posted the recipe. Yesterday I had a request to do so from Kerry, so here it is. Hot Chilli Chutney 450g chillies (I use jalapeno) 1 onion, finely chopped 6 cloves garlic, crushed 4 tablespoons ground cumin 2 tablespoons turmeric 25g root ginger, peeled and grated 1 tablespoon salt 3 quarters of a cup of olive   [Continue Reading …]

A Bit Quiet


I have been a bit quiet of late. I suppose there is a two fold reason. One, out of respect for the victims of the bushfires, and tribute to the survivors, and two I have been busy every night trying to finalise the carbon inventory for the ATA before I start the final report.I didn't realise that the assignments would take up so much time, but at least I am enjoying every minute of it. It   [Continue Reading …]

Community Giving

The news about the bushfires that are only about 100km to the north and east of me is devastating. Over 170 dead, and nearly 1000 homes lost. It would have to be one of the biggest natural disasters in Australian history. I can see the massive clould of smoke to the north of the city from my office on the 30th floor. It seems so sureal that it is so close.I feel so sad, and so does Kim. I   [Continue Reading …]

Carbon Accounting Day 3

Today was the last day of classroom time for the Carbon Accounting course that I have been attending at Swinburne Uni.  It was a very interesting day, and each class member gave a presentation about the inventory that they are developing.  There was a broad spectrum of entities that were represented. From Offshore Oil recovery projects in Bass Strait, a major passenger rail operator in   [Continue Reading …]



I feel a bit weird posting this tonight.  After having just watched the local Victorian news about the bushfires across Victoria and New South Wales, and I really feel for the family's that are grieving tonight, with some having lost loved ones, homes, or both.  A very sad day indeed.  Both Kim and I were in tears when we saw the extent of the devastation.  Some of the worst   [Continue Reading …]

Over At The Co-op

My humble apologies for not posting much this week.  It has been very hectic here at TGOG's house, what with the record temperatures of 47C (that's 116.6F), trying to keep the veggie patch and chickens alive, and working on my assignment for the Carbon Accounting course that is due today! My main post for today is over at the Simple|Green|Frugal Co-op and is titled Clean Renewable Energy -   [Continue Reading …]

Living The Good Life


Just taking it easy at TGOG's urban farm.  We have been harvesting sweetcorn, cucumbers, a multitude of tomatoes, herbs, capsicums, snow peas, blood plums, a variety of lettuce, Swiss rainbow chard, and Jalapeno chilies. Tonight I made tomato jam, and added a bit of mixed spice to the recipe.  It tastes great.  It was so simple in the bread maker.  I added 500gm of peeled   [Continue Reading …]

Cartoon Time

When I was a kid, I loved a good cartoon with a message.  When I grew up and had kids, I still liked cartoons with a eco message like Captain Planet.  I liked it so much that I wrote about it. It has been quite a while since I posted a few videos on the blog, so tonight, here are a few good ones with an eco message.  An Incovenient Futurama Truth Dogshark Changes a light bulb   [Continue Reading …]