Climate Sceptics Embarrassing

I knew I wasn’t going crazy!  This article in the Herald Sun newspaper titled ‘World Expert: Climate Sceptics Embarrassing’, says it all!  Have a read, it made me cringe.

I receive a daily environmental news feed,  called Making Environmental News, which is a brief digest from the Banksia Environmental Foundation. For the last month I have noticed a sharp increase in the frequency of news articles that attempt to debunk climate change, and/or the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme.  Fear, greed, and confusion are their tools of choice.  I presume that this has been the work of vested interests e.g. lobbyists for major polluting industries, who are trying to get the Australian public on side, and divert our attention away from climate change, and onto other short term crisis like the global credit crunch.

I also find such behaviour and subsequent articles embarrassing and selfish, and know that some people will fall for this stunt.  Europe is fully on board with the whole climate change issue, and we just tiptoe around the edges as usual.  Even though the first EU emissions trading scheme didn’t work as expected, mainly because too many free permits were given out by member countries, at least they gave it a go and were serious about the issue.  Our scheme is fairly sound, so lets give it a go.  If it is not quite right, we can fix it up as we go along.  But lets not kill it off before it has a chance to reduce some emissions.  No one will try to reduce them if something like this scheme is not legislated.

Sometimes I wonder if our mainstream press is truly balanced and unbiased in their opinion.  I believe I will only read the ABC news on-line from now on.  I have never seen an article from a climate sceptic on their news feed, only facts about the real issues we all are facing.  The rest of the media can go take a flying leap, until they start treating the climate issues seriously, and stop trying to put up a smoke screen to confuse the general public.


  1. Julie says

    Sarhn – there’s a few more details at the government’s climate change website:

    Or you can download and read the entire paper, but it looks to be extremely dull :)

    Gavin – ’embarrassing’ is exactly the right word for these people. It’s like major newspapers decided to hire people to write about how Elvis is still alive, or that the moon landings were faked, or other bizarre conspiracy theories.

  2. says

    @ Teena. A woman of few words!

    @ BW. I agree. Commercial networks wouldn’t want to hurt their advertising income now would they! It might deter the shareholders.

    @ Sarhn. The Rudd Government have promised relief for low income earners, but in what form is uncertain. I just hope that a fair percentage of the revenue is spent on renewable energy projects, and mass transport or anything worthwhile that will help us into the future.

    And NO free permits for the big polluters! That would be very unfair to everyone else who will try and do the right thing.


  3. says

    Gav, interested to know if you have read anything in your research on the Australian carbon credit scheme as to where the money will be spent?

    I am all for this scheme as long as the money will be well spent on environmental matters and everyone is equal. I don’t want the little guys (ie mums and dads of Australia) to have to pay while the big boys in business don’t.

    If we all had to pay for what we used (so to speak) how quickly would we all be motivated to use less energy, petrol etc or find more sustainable and cheaper ways.

  4. says

    When I do get to see a commercial “news” programme I am amazed at the bias! We will always be ABC loyal!

    I guess if your network is owned by a particular organisation with particular interests and agendas to push you will hardly screen programmes and stories that go against the views of management if you want your contract renewed next year!!!

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