Peoples Climate Mobilisation

Peoples Climate Mobilisation

Massive event this Sunday 21st September.  The People's Climate Mobilisation is being held across the globe to demonstrate that people want action on this most critical global issue. It is time for governments to stop talking, start listening to their constituents, and start acting on climate change.  Hollow words just don't cut it anymore. I am a realist.  I know that one day will not be   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 082 – Spring Fruit Tree Tips


Spring has finally arrived in South Eastern Australia and the fruit trees are full of blossom with busy bees everywhere doing their thing.  I love this time of year.  The soil is heating up as are the days, and finally a bit of sunshine to boost growth here in the suburban food farm. During this episode I share a few spring fruit tree tips.  I talk about soil conditions, fruit tree pest   [Continue Reading …]

7 Years of Solar on Our House

7 years of solar

This month we celebrate 7 years of solar PV on our house!  I was an early-ish adopter of grid-tied solar PV.  It was installed in September 2007, and has generated a whopping 26,001 kWh over those 7 years.  All without a glitch. That is an average of 10 kWh a day, which considering the system size of 2.8 kW, is fairly good.  During winter on a cloudy day it generates about 2 to 4 kWh, and   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Podcast 032 – Defects

Little Green Cheese Podcast 026

For all you curd nerds out there, I have published the latest episode of Little Green Cheese Podcast.  In this episode I talk about three main cheese body defects which are mechanical holes, dryness, and too much moisture.  I offer simple solutions on how you may remedy these issues. If you would like to listen to this episode, click-through using the podcast logo below.  Alternatively you can   [Continue Reading …]

Brass Monkey Challenge – Verdict

Gas bill graph

During the challenge we hoped that by not heating the house we would save a bit of money on the gas bill.  Surely it would reduce from the same period last year if we didn't turn on the gas space heater. So you can imagine my surprise when our gas bill arrived in the post and it was slightly higher than our winter bill last year!  A daily average of 80.24 MJ per day up from 75.46 MJ last   [Continue Reading …]

Working On A New Site

Little Green Workshops

Besides all the salami making that I got up to this weekend, I have also been actively working on something else that I have the skills.  Something that I have been doing for quite a while now, on and off.  It is website development. No, I am not going to bore you to tears with the ins and outs of Web site development, but suffice it to say that I enjoy the work due to my IT background. So   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 081 – How Much Food Can A Suburban Yard Produce?

The Greening of Gavin Podcast

This week I answer a listener question about growing food. Lex says; Do you find that you need to buy much in the way of food, with this much garden produce? What kind of things do you find yourself still purchasing? How Much Food Can a Suburban Backyard Produce? Great question! The answer is quite a bit. I talk you through how much I can grow here during which times of the year, and   [Continue Reading …]

Homemade Salami Mania!

Pork Shoulder

Now I don't normally do anything by half measures.  Guess what?  Homemade salami making has been no exception! During my lunch break on Friday, I visited Cellar Plus near Queen Victoria Markets and purchased a couple of salami making kits plus a netting tube.  My plan was to make one years supply of salami in one weekend. We are not massive consumers of small goods, but when I do buy some I   [Continue Reading …]

Homemade Salami Taste Test

Sliced Salami

Well today was the big day, and I am still alive!  It was time to taste my homemade salami that I made in early August. It had been curing in the laundry for the last four weeks in a nice humid and cool environment. I took it down from where I had it stored.  As you can see it was covered in white mould which I have read helps develop the flavours. After removing the stocking, it   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 080 – Reaction Podcast Interview with Voicemail Questions

Reaction Podcast

The main part of this episode is an interview that I gave when I appeared on Reaction Podcast as a guest of Matt and Beau. We talk about all things sustainable living, including a bit of analysis about this podcast. It is full of fun and laughs and the odd swear word.  What can I say, I was excited so my accent and banter was heavier than usual. The Reaction Podcast is all about other   [Continue Reading …]

Liveable Home Update – Glass Brick Window

Coloured glass bricks

I mentioned that I would be providing updates as we made our home more livable, so here is the next installment. Today we had a single glazed window unit replaced with a glass brick window, effectively giving us a very colourful double glazed window. The old window had an aluminium frame that conducted so much heat during the summer.  The glass rattled and there were gaps around the frame.   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Podcast 031 – What Non Curd Nerds Think About Little Green Cheese

Little Green Cheese Podcast

I have a great show this week.  Firstly the main feature is a review of the cheese making podcast by Matt and Beau from Reaction Podcast.  There is swearing during this part of the show, so you have been forewarned.  However, it is a very funny review of the podcast. Other segments include a brief clip from Lyndall Dykes who travels around northern NSW and southern Queensland teaching cheese   [Continue Reading …]

Preparing For Roof Insulation

Downlight mitts

To get the best coverage for our roof insulation, we had to make sure that we could get the insulation in to as many places as possible. In our roof, this posed a bit of a problem.  When we first moved into our house in 2000, one of the first things we did was install R80 style downlights.  Effectively, we cut holes in our ceiling creating gaps in the air tight integrity of the home, allowing   [Continue Reading …]

Who Would You Take Advice From?


Lets work through a hypothetical scenario, shall we? If I had a life threatening disease (which I don't) it would be common sense that I would seek medical advice. Now lets say that I happened to visit ten specialist doctors to seek an opinion or cure.  Nine of those specialists inform me that I need to get the disease treated, but only one said that it was nothing to worry about.  What do   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 079 – Robyn Rosenfeldt from Pip Magazine


Way back at the start of the year I wrote a post about Pip Magazine.  Robyn Rosenfeldt was seeking funding via crowdsourcing to launch Australia's first permaculture magazine in 10 years. I caught up with Robyn during this episode to see how things were progressing with the magazine (now in its second issue), to learn a little bit more about Robyn herself and her lifestyle. I found   [Continue Reading …]

Liveable Home Update

Glass brick window design

Well we have gone and done it!  We have taken further steps towards a more liveable home. Kim and I have placed a deposit on the roof insulation, the double glazing at the front of the house, and paid to replace one of the lounge windows with glass bricks. We had to tighten our belts but the great thing is that we have saved enough money by paying triple payments into the mortgage offset   [Continue Reading …]

Veggie Patch Maintenance

Sugar Loaf Cabbage

Garden maintenance is essential at this or any time of the year.  Weeds to be pulled.  Vegetables to be fertilized.  Weeds to be pulled!  Yes I said weeding twice.  There was so much of it. Well of course this weekend was no exception.  I had been neglecting the front yard until I discovered that we have a cabbage thief in the area.  It gave me the wake up call that I needed. I spent the   [Continue Reading …]

Spuds. Why Not!


I love growing my own spuds.  Today, I dug up 2 kg (4 lbs) of volunteer potatoes from my garden.  Yes, volunteers! These spuds were ones I missed from the last of the summer harvest and grew over winter.  Fantastic and certainly one to put in the lazy gardener category.  Free spuds without any work except to dig them up. This got me thinking of the last time I was in the supermarket when I   [Continue Reading …]