Autumn Veggie Patch Update

It was my first day of honest labour in nearly three weeks and I spent it in my veggie patch clearing beds and planting seedlings.

I’ve recovered enough from my chest infection to get a little bit more active, so I thought you might like an autumn veggie patch update.

I picked up a bargain at my local nursery as they were selling punnets of seedlings for 50 cents each.  I grabbed some mizuna, red mizuna, rainbow chard, spinach, Red Russian Kale, and Leeks.  All up the seedlings cost me $15, which I thought was a bargain.  Seeing that I have been unwell and unable to plant anything this season, it was a big bonus.



So I prepared three garden beds and planted them all in.  I added lots of well-rotted chook manure (thanks girls), and a couple of handfuls of blood and bone so they the seedling get a decent start.

The soil was fairly moist, so it only needed a light watering.

Rainbow Chard and Spinach

Rainbow Chard and Spinach

We love our greens so rainbow chard and spinach are perfect in hot meals and as salads.  The rainbow chard will keep producing for at least 8 months before it goes to seed.  The spinach should be gone in about 4 months.

Kale and Mizuna

Kale and Mizuna

I put in 6 kale seedlings, because Kale Chips are one of our all time favourite snacks. They should grow to a massive size if last years crop is anything to go by.  In the remaining space I planted the green and red mizuna for salads during the winter months.  We still like some lettuce like green in sandwiches even though it is now cooler.

The beds with greens were mulched to keep the moisture in.  Next time I clean out the chook house, I will mulch the leeks and broad beans.

That’s about all I managed to get done, because my chest started to hurt so I took it as an indication that I shouldn’t over do it.

I have another bed on this side of the garden that I am going to plant Broad Beans.  It is all prepared, fertilized and ready to go on Wednesday which is my downshift day.  I am going to spend most of it in the garden and plant out snow peas and garlic in the front yard veg patch.   I might also see what other seeds I have lying around and throw in some other veg as well.  It will be a bit of a surprise.  I like surprises!

It felt so good to be out there actually doing something, anything, around the yard.  I felt very grounded and happy.

What a great way to spend the day.

Did any of you spend time in your veggie patch?  What did you plant?

Still Mending

Last week I mentioned that I was sick.  Well, unfortunately it is still with me, but thankfully at the tail end.

I am still drinking lots of hot honey and lemon to sooth the throat and clear the nose, and I find this works really well.  It also gives me that added vitamin C boost that you need when you are sick with a nondescript virus.  I did try to go to work today, but was told to go and work from home at around 10:30.  It must have been all the coughing that put them off!

I am hoping to be able to produce a podcast episode this week if the voice keeps improving.  I am itching to get back behind the microphone to share lots of green stuff with your all.

As for Kim, she is slowly getting better.  She is more mobile now and her hands, although still very stiff, are not sore anymore, but she doesn’t have a lot of strength in them still.  She is in good spirits though, and Little Green Workshops product development is keep her mind off it all.  She is one tough lady!

Now, just because I haven’t been very vocal lately, doesn’t mean I haven’t been active.

Over the weekend I managed to clean out the two chook houses, cleaned up one side of the yard, prep a couple of garden beds, and because it was raining most of the day on Sunday, I managed to make two new types of cheese.

Queso tipo Manchego

Queso tipo Manchego

The cheeses are Queso tipo Manchego (Manchego-type cheese), and a new blue cheese that I have called Le Petit Bleu.  The blue has not gone quite to plan which you can read about over at Little Green Cheese if you like.  The post is simply titled Blue Cheese Rescue.

I recorded both cheese making sessions, so once the voice comes back, I will record the voice over and get the Manchego up on YouTube for you all to have a look at.  I am holding off on the blue to ensure it turns out okay first.  Oh, and I also have a Leicester video to voiceover as well.  Bloody voice box!

So there you have it, on the mend, but not quite there.  Hope you are all faring better than I am at the start of cold/flu season.

I’m Sick of Inaction on Climate

Yes, I’m sick.  Sick and tired of the way our Government is eroding every single environmental agency and target we have, and is brazenly anti-science.

I’m sick that we have little action on climate change in this country when the rest of the world is forging ahead.

I’m sick that our fully functional price on carbon was rescinded by short-sighted politicians with little thought for future generations and only focused on profit and greed.


I’m sick of the political ping-pong that our Renewable Energy Target has become and in the process stifling investment in renewables across the country.  It needs to stay the same or increase because it is the only real action this country has on climate change in the current political vacuum.  How many more enquiries does the Wind industry have to go through and why doesn’t coal-fired power stations which are heavy polluters not under the same scrutiny?

We have sunshine in abundance.  We have steady winds in many places throughout this wide brown land.

So why is the Government putting a noose around the neck of renewables all the while cheering on the fossil fuels industry?  It is shallow thinking, short-sighted and just bad leadership.  Leadership of the worst kind.

In fact in all my years, I don’t think I have ever seen a government so hell-bent on the destruction of our land and our planet.  It is shameful.

That is why I am raising my voice.  That is why I am speaking out where ever I can.  I shall no longer be politically agnostic (not that I really was), because when there are bad things happening, one should not be quiet.  One should stand up and be counted.

I will sign any petition, attend any rally, get the message out there any way possible, because we all need to do more, government and citizens alike, to solve the climate crisis and put a price back on carbon.  It is the only way we are going to get any traction on this, the biggest issue mankind has faced.  The time for inaction is over.  The time for action is now!

Who else is sick of this bull?  Hands up!

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