Advanced Soap Making

Advanced Soap Making

Kim and I have been honing our soap making skills for an upcoming workshop that we are teaching on the 31st of August. We have been practicing some advanced soap making techniques that we will be demonstrating in class just to make sure there are no disasters on the day.  Perfect practice makes perfect! Being the amateur chemist in the family, I get to put these together, and Kim invents the   [Continue Reading …]

KeepCup Revisited


It has been a long time since I first wrote about KeepCups.  Way too long. Back in November 2009, I wrote about this wonderful reusable coffee cup in the post titled My Coffee Guilt is Nearly Over.  I was waxing lyrically about my guilt of using disposable coffee cups and the way I got around it by taking my own to work every day. Fast forward to today, and I am sad to say that my first   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 075 – Australian Price on Carbon with Massachusetts Climate Action Network


When the price on carbon legislation here in Australia was repealed on July 17th 2014, I along with many concerned citizens, were distraught.  Our country went from an effective price on carbon emissions to a big fat nothing where major polluters are free to pump as much greenhouse gas as they like without financial consequences.  You can read about my reaction in this post titled Black   [Continue Reading …]

Suburban Food Farm – Mid-Winter Update

Suburban Food Farm

Home grown food.  Amazing stuff, even in winter.  I have really surprised myself this winter, by pulling out all the stops and growing vegetables that I would not normally grow.  In the past this has been because I haven't usually had the room, but since my additional 11.5 sqm of front yard garden bed, and the pool area wicking bed, I can put in so much more. Our favourite citrus tree at   [Continue Reading …]

Brass Monkey Challenge – July Update

Brass Monkey Challenge

It has nearly been a month since we first started the Brass Monkey Challenge, so it is time for an update. Temperatures The minimum temperatures have dropped down to 2°C (35.6F) for the last few nights/mornings, and max temps are hovering around 12°C (53.6F). That is on par with the long-term average, even though the rest of July has been about 2 degrees above this average. Still no   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 074 – Pollution with Kate and Amy

Beijing 2013

Pollution in Australia is not too bad compared to other countries. During this episode I talk to Kate Nye-Butler and Amy Webber about the pollution they encountered in their recent travels through China and Southeast Asia. It is not pretty folks, that's for sure.  Airpocalypse and the Beijing cough come foremost to mind. Then around the 21 minute mark we go off on a tangent about   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Podcast 028 – Salts Function in Cheese Making

Little Green Cheese Podcast

Salt.  Pretty common stuff, but absolutely essential in cheese making for a number of reasons. Find out why by listening to this week's episode of the Little Green Cheese Podcast. Also, if you listen to this episode, you will find out why podcasting is so much fun, especially when you have such an international audience and following. I have always been bad with names, and this week you   [Continue Reading …]

Keep Calm and Make Cheese Presentation

Gavin Webber - Curd Nerd

For those of you how would like to attend a FREE cheese making presentation, look no further. I am presenting about home cheese making at Ivanhoe library this Tuesday evening  22nd July, from 7pm. I will be bringing a bag of props, and taking the audience through the basic steps required to make cheese at home. Did I mention that it was free?  How cool is that! Here are the   [Continue Reading …]

Lamp Post Garden Complete


Whilst I was making some more wooden soap moulds for our upcoming soap making workshops, Kim completed the lamp-post garden makeover. I helped put in the wooden edging and reinforced it with screws, extra wood and stakes so that it wouldn't move with a bit of weight behind it, but other than that, all the work and beautification was her hard graft. This is where we left off last   [Continue Reading …]

Black Thursday

Aussie coat of arms

On this day, the Australian Government voted to repeal our effective climate change laws, and chose to dump them at the bottom of a coal-pit.  I shall call it Black Thursday. I, along with millions of Australians fought hard for these laws to be passed  a few years ago, to reduce our country's greenhouse gas emissions.  Laws that were working and reduced carbon emissions in the industry sectors   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 073 – Way of the Chicken

Way of the Chicken

Ever thought of getting backyard chickens to augment your sustainable lifestyle?  Ever wondered if they smell, or attract vermin?  Not sure if they are right for you. Well, let me help you out.  Let me introduce you to the way of the chicken! I have over 6 years of experience with backyard chooks, and during this episode I step you through our decision process when we first decided to   [Continue Reading …]

Residential Solar Hits Mainstream TV

Save Money with Solar Power system

And all that I can say is about bloody time, and well done. This short segment was seen on Weekend Sunrise which airs on Channel 7 here in Australia.  It is a national show that has a viewership of around 312,000 people in the five main state capitals.  That's a lot of eyes on the screen taking in the news that solar is good for the hip pocket, and for the environment.  The video above   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Podcast 027 – Kosher Curds

Little Green Cheese Podcast 026

This week we have an interview with Dovid Wheeler from Israel, who runs a blog called Kosher Curds. If you are interested in cheese making then this vibrant and active home cheesemakers community is for you! Please join thousands of other curd nerds (home cheese makers) from around the world and have a listen to episode 027 over on the Little Green Cheese podcast.     [Continue Reading …]

New Look for the Lamp Post Garden


So glad to be back on my feet again after so long recovering. I put all this healthiness to good use, and helped Kim today spruce up a little looked after part of the garden. We fondly call it our lamp post garden, for reasons that will become obvious as you read further. It is too dark and shaded to grow vegetables in, although when we first moved in 14 years ago, it did have a very old   [Continue Reading …]

The Al Gore Effect

Al Gore Effect

I don't know about you but todays events in our Australian Senate took me totally by surprise. Our climate laws are still in place, for the moment anyway.  With a vote of 37 to 35 in favour of rejecting the repeal of the climate laws, it was tight.  And, it was amazing. What surprised me most was that Clive Palmer has done a complete about-face since meeting Al Gore.  Hence the title of the   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 072 – Growing Organically with Kathy Finigan

Kathy's beautiful organic garden

I put out an invitation via my Facebook page for podcast guests the other day, and a lovely lady called Kathy Finigan replied.  She is passionate about sustainable living and she is a qualified in agricultural science, urban horticultural and permaculture.  A handy person to have around, so I asked her to be my guest on the show. She has been a TAFE teacher for 29 years teaching general   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Podcast 026 – Milk to Cheese Yield

Little Green Cheese Podcast 026

Whilst on the subject of cheese, last night I recorded an informative episode of the Little Green Cheese Podcast. The 30 minutes show focuses on milk to cheese yield, and how much fat content there is for popular types of cheese. There is also many, many listener questions that I manage to answer in this vibrant and active home cheesemakers community. Please join thousands of other curd   [Continue Reading …]