Experimenting with Soap

Kim and I always make a block of soap before our soap making workshops. This week was no exception.

On Sunday we have our biggest class ever.  We are teaching 14 students over two classes on the same day.  It is great to see the course getting ever more popular and folk taking up new skills.  We are very excited.

Anyway, enough about the workshop, back to experimenting with soap.

We decided to try something a little different from just a plain coloured bar, so went for a layering effect of light green and orange.  Funky colours, but they will certainly suit the fragrance that Kim chose.

Experimenting with Soap

Mid-way through the layering

We’ve been using poppy seeds in the last few batches of soap simply because it just feels so good on our skin.  There is nothing quite like a good scrub to wake you up in the morning or to get rid of that grime after working in the garden.

In this batch, we added the fragrance oil (Tropical Tangerine) and split the batter into two separate bowls into which we added green and orange colour.  Then Kim layered the batches in the 2kg soap mould.

Experimenting with Soap

It looked amazing when we finished it and wrapped it up to cool slowly over the next couple of days.

We will be cutting it during the class on Sunday, so I promise to post some photos of the final bars of soap and possibly some of the workshop if the students agree.

It’s so much fun making soap at home that I don’t think we will ever stop experimenting.  You just never know how it will turn out.

TGoG 111 – Sarhn McArthur-Gumbley Revisited

Listen to the Episode Below (00:36:18)

Catching up with friends made via this community is always a treat.  Sarhn McArthur-Gumbley is one of those many friends that I have made over the years via this podcast and blog but never met.

Sarhn McArthur-GumbleySarhn’s first visit to the show was way back in episode 014 where she was living in inner Sydney, well on her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

A photographer by trade, she greened up her business and her lifestyle because it was the right thing to do.

Since we first talked back in 2011, she and her family have moved to a small town in the Southern Highlands of NSW about 1.5 hours from Sydney.  She also has a toddler that keeps her on her toes!

All this and living a sustainable lifestyle as well.  Learn how she fits it all in to her day.  I tip my hat to you Sarhn!

You can connect with Sarhn at www.sarhn.com and click-through using the social media buttons.

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We Need Your Help!

Weird title I know, but I am after your sustainable living stories if you will share them with me.  Specifically I’m looking for stories for the podcast.

The Greening of Gavin Podcast has become quite a popular show, so I’m always looking for people to chat with about their own sustainable living journey.


It doesn’t matter where you come from and how you got there, I would love to have a chat to you, or someone who you reckon may have a great story to tell.

I’m not after celebrities, just ordinary people like myself who want to share their lifestyle, so that others may be inspired and take that first step in their very own sustainable journey.

I don’t bite and am a very friendly bloke to talk to.  Just ask anyone I have had on the show!

So what are you waiting for?  Use the speakpipe tool below to leave me a message, or alternatively leave a message via my contact page if you or you know someone who would like to have a chat on the show.

Please get in touch soon, I would love to hear from you.


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