Electro-Gadget Madness

Electro-Gadget Madness

Electric can opener – Note the can. It is a ring pull. Oh the irony!

Here’s an observation.  Today it seems that for almost every task in the home there is now an electric-powered solution, whether it be a can opener, carving knife or an egg cracker (I kid you not).

These appliances may not all the be most energy-intensive products, but when you add all the energy consumption up and the materials need to manufacture and distribute them, you have to decide whether they are really worth it.

Wouldn’t traditional hand-operated devices be far more practical especially when they cost nothing to run, are cheaper to buy, and less prone to breaking?

We always choose hand-operated over electro-gadgets, but I don’t think this is the norm.  Mind you, I have even seen hand-operated gadgets that are simply a waste of space as well as being made from non-recyclable plastic.  Crazy stuff.

What is the strangest electro-gadget madness that you have seen that has a viable hand-operated alternative?  Let me know via comment and start a bit of a community thread happening.  This should be entertaining because I am sure there are lots of crazy things out there.

And So This Is Christmas

Our Teddy Angel

Our Teddy Angel

What a year!

Firstly, seasons greetings to all you out there who have read the blog and listened to the podcast during the year.  Without all of you to urge me on via comments, likes, personal emails, and iTunes reviews, I may have thrown in the towel a while ago.

Regular Blogging and Podcasting does take a fair bit of time out of my week, but I still believe that it is so very worthwhile.  Not only is it personally satisfying, but it has helped build a community of like-minded people who I just enjoy interacting with, as well as becoming a massive archive and knowledge base of our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

I have mentioned a few times that we were going to have a very modest Christmas celebration today which was entirely focused around family.

We kind of had two celebrations today, one at breakfast, then one for dinner.

Breakfast was croissants, ham, and cheese with fresh fair trade coffee.  Kim, Ben, and I gathered around our modest tree and shared our presents.  There were only a few thoughtful gifts, mainly clothes for Ben as he is a growing lad, and a Sodastream.  We do like the occasional fizzy drink, so decided that we would produce no more waste in this area of our lives.  You get to reuse the same bottle over and over and can get the CO2 cylinder recharged or swapped.

Our tree

Our tree

Then we headed off to our daughter Megan’s house for lunch, which was delicious and played board games with Amy, Lawrence, Megan, and Jake.  We had a ball.

Back for a nap, then a Skype call with Adam, Sina, and baby Emily in Germany.

What a great day.  No consumerism necessary to have a brilliant time with family.  As I mentioned in podcast episode 091, you don’t need to buy your family’s love.  You just need to be present and in the moment.  I love and treasure all of my family, and had the best day ever!

Hope you had a great time today and celebrated in your own special way.  I will be back to regular posts next week, and Kim will be joining me in our end of year wrap-up podcast episode that will be published soon.  That should be a hoot.

Take care one and all.  Love and hugs to you and your family, and thanks for dropping by for each and every post!


TGoG Podcast 091 – Christmas Consumerism

Listen to the Episode Below (00:16:04)

It is about this time of year that I have my annual “consumerism gone wild” rant.

Everywhere you look, the effects of Affluenza are clear for everyone to see.  But what is Affluenza?

Now, Wikipedia defines affluenza as;

affluenza, n. a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.

affluenza, n. 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by the pursuit of the Western Dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth.

Christmas ConsumerismNow, wait a minute. There is that economic growth example gets thrown around a lot of late. All forms of government seem to keep telling us that we must stimulate the economy, and increase economic growth. But doesn’t growth mean destroying, sorry, squandering the remaining resources we have left on the planet?  That can’t be a good thing, can it?  More on that in another post though.  Lets get back to the subject of Christmas.

We have lost our way.  It doesn’t need to be like this, but economic growth demands it.

Around this time of year, our consumer culture ramps into high gear, urging to buy the next shiny thing with money that we just don’t have.  So what do we do?  We go into debt by using credit cards, and end up with a big fat debt headache in the new year.

So now you know what Affluenza is, have a listen to the show where I will hopefully convince you that there is another and better way.

Once you have played the entire episode, please leave a comment about what you think of Christmas Consumerism.  I would love to read your thoughts on the matter.

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