A Visit to Shoestring Gardening

Shoestring Gardening gathering

I had a break from my regularly busy weekend schedule, and took up an invitation to visit Shoestring Gardening in Wyndamvale, Victoria.  My friend Jabir asked if I was interested in having a look at the new aquaponics system that the group had installed at their regular meeting place, the Eco Living Centre. The location was about 40 km (~25 miles) from where I live, so around 1.15 pm, Ben and I   [Continue Reading …]

Defining Sustainable Living


What does the term Sustainable Living mean? Ask a group of your friends what they thing it means and I bet you get a range of answers. Some may think it is installing solar panels on your roof, some may think that backyard chickens are part of it, where others believe it is self denial.  Others may think of communal living, and some mention straw-bale homes, yurts and living in the country   [Continue Reading …]

What the World Needs Now Is Love…


credit: ZazzleCoping okay with the heat or snow?  Hope you are all well, and enjoying the break. Now let me ask you.  What do you think the Earth needs, now that we have stuffed up our climate?  Here in Australia, our record heat continues, with no sign of abating, and many parts of the northern hemisphere are experiencing crazy climactic conditions.I think Earth needs a bit of   [Continue Reading …]

Changing Gears Book Launch


On Thursday night, I was invited to attend the book launch event for Changing Gears, by Greg Foyster, where there were over 80 guests.I had never been to a book launch before, let alone one with a bicycle theme, but was willing to support my friends Greg and Sophie.  Besides, there was free solar brewed beer and food. ;-)It was held in the Affirm Press HQ located in South Melbourne, in what   [Continue Reading …]

Great News!

Over the weekend, Kim and I received some fantastic news.This news is that the Melton Sustainable Living Group will continue!  I was a bit worried that the group would fold.  After a great co-ordination effort by Patrick Mc, who sent out a survey to members, which helped to fill the missing committee positions, the group now has volunteers for each executive and ordinary committee   [Continue Reading …]


Kim and I made a very big decision in our lives last week.  Well, it wasn't really last week, we have been discussing it for over a month.Here is the email that we sent all of the members of the Melton Sustainable Living Group on Friday;"After many weeks of discussion, Kim and I have decided to step down from our positions as Secretary and President of the group, and will be tendering our   [Continue Reading …]

Happy Easter!


For those of you who get a break this time of year, I hope you are having a resting or active time, whatever be your fancy.Having recovered from the unknown ailment, with no sign of shingles for the last four days, I would say that I am out of the woods.  Still taking aspirin as recommended by the GP, but no sign of any of the symptoms that I had on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.Speaking of   [Continue Reading …]

Our Soap Making Workshop


Sunday was busy, busy, busy.Kim and I taught our first public soap making workshop! It was over-subscribed, which was great news for us which tells us that there is a lot of interest in the course, so there is an overflow session which will be on Sunday 28th April so that no one misses out. We now have a dedicated green workshop site - Little Green Workshops (www.littlegreenworkshops.com.au) that   [Continue Reading …]

Keep Calm, Carry On


Just because we fear something doesn't mean we should give up the good fight.  I realise that being afraid or angry about what may pan out in the future can become paralyzing, but it is just one of the seven stages of change (stage 1 and 3). On the contrary, we need to work harder, because the fear has helped us to articulate, in our own minds, the possible consequences of   [Continue Reading …]

Docklands Community Garden


Community gardens are great places to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables from experienced amateurs who are willing to share their skills with newbie's   Well that is what I have heard, because unfortunately, I am not a member of such a group.We do have the start of a community garden in our town of Melton, which is great and I totally support it, but I haven't gotten   [Continue Reading …]

You Are Not Alone


We are different.  Yes, different, but not abnormal, and we are not alone in this difference!Slowly growing within the consumeristic core of western culture and society, there is a special kind of person that is different from the mainstream.  Sometimes they are hard to spot, but with a bit of careful observation you can pick them out from the crowd.You will see them shopping in   [Continue Reading …]

Pizza Oven Party


Saturday night was a hoot!  It had been about a year since we started making our clay cob oven!  I still remember laying the first brick for the base, and once it was down there was no turning back.About six months ago, Kim and I were putting together the half year schedule for the Melton Sustainable Living Group and decided to include a Pizza Oven Party.  Many of the group members   [Continue Reading …]



I really enjoy volunteering! Today our sustainable living group had their opportunity to make some funds via a barbecue. For those in Australia it was one of those Bunnings Warehouse affairs, where you put your community groups name into a hat and you get allocated a weekend day at the start of the calendar year. Our allocation was today, and it was beautiful and sunny and the punters were out in   [Continue Reading …]

What Is Resilience?


I have discussed before in my post Peak Everything, that the due duel impacts of climate chaos and peak oil, will in the near future impact our ability to keep the current consumer kultcha alive and kicking.  The way we are partying like it is 1999 is just not going to continue ad nauseum (thank goodness).In my quest to define resilience, I could find no better explanation than the   [Continue Reading …]

Suburban Resilience


 I have been thinking a lot lately about this series of posts.  You know the type of thinking, really deep and meaningful sort of stuff.  I have been imagining possible futures, researching case studies, and thinking about the present events around the globe.Then I came across this quote by Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement.“If we wait for the governments, it’ll   [Continue Reading …]

Community Building

Tomorrow is a big day for community building.In the morning Kim and I are going to Gisborne to hold a cheese-making workshop for Christine and her gardening group.  Christine writes a lovely blog at Slow Living Essentials.  The workshop goes from 10am to 1pm, and will be lots of fun.  Ben is also coming and wants to be my assistant.  A bit of Father/Son bonding which I   [Continue Reading …]