TGoG 102 – Can You Be Self-Sufficient in the Suburbs?

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Tom+and+BarbaraCan you be self-sufficient in the suburbs? That is a big question. It may have worked for Tom and Barbara, but can it actually be done?

Let Gavin guide you through some of the barriers that may hinder true self-sufficiency in the suburban context.  Being self-sufficient is hard work.

There is a bit of something in this episode for everyone.  Very thought-provoking.

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TGoG 101 – Downshifting

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Our topic is this week is Downshifting.  We explain why I downshifted and how it is possible by living a simple/sustainable lifestyle.



We cover the decision-making process, finances, family discussion, telecommuting, and much, much more.  It was a big decision, but it was one of the best decisions that we ever made.

And the best thing was that we didn’t go in for the sea change/tree change, we downshifted right where we were with what we had.  It also gave us time to start our own small business teaching others green living skills.  Without the downshift, we wouldn’t have taken that most enjoyable step.

We also talk about smaller homes that allows bigger yards, and the current practice of banging out McMansions in new suburbs.

Kim also has a soft spot for Esther the wonder Pig, whose friends also had a downshift experience.

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TGoG 100 – Remembering the Past

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Kim and Gavin

100 episodes! I had no idea that when I started the show back on 26th March 2010 that I would reach this lofty goal. Nor did I think that the show would become so popular and have so many guests and eventually a part-time co-host (aka my lovely wife Kim).

During this episode I start off with a bit of a monologue, but then around the 14 minute mark, Kim joins me for a very entertaining show.  It’s full of stories about how we started, and who inspired us along the way.

Anyway, we think you will enjoy the show. Please join us for the next 100 episodes as well!

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