TGoG Podcast 086 – Gardening Therapy

It has been a sad week.  Kim and I have been grieving the loss of her mother, Pam.  We each have gone about it in our own way, coming together often for hugs and tears.

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To reflect and grieve, I have been practicing gardening therapy, which is something that I discovered a while back.  It always helps me get over the blues or a funk that I sometimes get into.

What did I have to lose by thrusting my hands into the soil and by getting stuck into planting more veg or harvesting our winter crops?  Nothing to lose at all, and everything to gain, especially a sense of fulfilment and joy that one rarely experiences from other endeavours in their life.  Well that is how it affects me.

Gardening Therapy

Gardening Therapy

During the show I mentioned a study that may go some way to explaining why gardening helps combat depression and aids in mental health.  It studied allotment gardeners asked to perform a stressful task and how gardening work lowered their stress levels quicker than a control group where were asked to read after the same task.  According to the authors, gardening elicits powerful neuroendocrine responses that relieve acute stress parameters in a very measurable way.  Very interesting indeed.

So please join me by listening to this episode titled Gardening Therapy, and hear how I have been busy getting therapy in my own special way.

Cheese Podcast 034 – Coagulation

I have been often asked how I get such a good curd set.  Well it all has to do with making the right conditions for the rennet to set the milk into a firm curd.  I talk about the three types of coagulation, and some tips to help you set your milk when making your own cheese at home.

I also found a great cheese making resource, and I answer many listener questions.

If you are interested in listening to this episode, click-through to Little Green Cheese via the podcast artwork below.

Little Green Cheese Podcast

TGoG Podcast 085 – Simple Living Mindset

We humans all think differently, that is a given, and is human nature.  Our perception of reality is an accumulation of our life experiences and thoughts.

Therefore it is no surprise to anyone that I believe that it takes a different mindset to live a simpler lifestyle. A simple living mindset!

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During this episode I take you on a journey.  My own personal journey of how my mindset shifted due to different events, leading up to where I am now.  That is a content and happy man, truly living life simply and honestly.

Simple Living MindsetAs I ramble on I cover topics such as;

A pretty full and well-rounded show covering what I think is the simple living mindset.

Let me know what you think of the show via comment.  I would love your honest opinion.

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