TGoG Podcast 094 – Local Food Equals Less Waste

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Local food equals less wasteWhen you grow your own food you are less inclined to waste it.  This is the basis of this weeks episode.  My belief is that organically grown local food equals less waste.

I talk about our failed 100 mile diet and how hard it was to stick to it, and the realisation I came to that most of our food is grown with the assistance of fossil fuels.  In the second half of the show, I give tips about how to prevent food waste.

I believe that growing your own food is one of the most radical acts that you can achieve in your own home.  You break that dependence on the industrial food system and become that little bit closer to be able to look after yourself.  Especially that most of our food is grown using oil.

Did you know that for every 1 calorie of food grown, it takes 10 calories of oil to grow it?  That is unsustainable considering that fossil fuels are a finite resource.  Something to think about when you tuck into your next meal.

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Next week we have our Christmas Special where Kim and I share what we achieved this year, including the highs and lows.  I don’t know if we will be singing this year, but you never know.  I might even belt out a verse or two of a White Christmas, that old Bing favourite that gets a hammering around here at this time of year!

TGoG Podcast 093 – Greening Our Business

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Greening our business is now second nature for us.  When Kim and I started our Little Green Workshops business, we wanted it to be as green as we possibly could.  We strive to make sure that our personal values shine through when we teach our classes and that all of our ingredients and equipment are as sustainably sourced as possible.  From local milk for the cheese making, to as much locally sourced oils for soap making, and eco-soya wax for candle making.  We reuse things as much as possible and recycle everything that is possible.

During this episode you will hear Kim and I talk about how we started our business and what we teach.  We get a bit off track at the start, but get to the greening part at around the 12:40 mark.  If you just want to specifically listen to greening our business then fast forward to that time mark.

Greening our business - soy candle making workshop

We have carried that through to our on-line business and all our new products where possible.  Additionally, around the office we make sure that we source post-consumer 100% recycled paper, refill our own toner and ink cartridges for printing our booklets and invoices, and of course we use 100% renewable energy here at home.

An as for packaging our products we use recycled cardboard boxes and brown paper for most of our shipping.  We even shred our old tax documents and any other paper we can get our hands on for filler for shipping.  Nothing goes to waste around here.  Boxes that we receive stock in gets reused for our own shipping or cut into soap mould lids or given away to friends.  If we can’t find a use for it, we then recycle into curbside recycling.

We hope you enjoy the show and learn a little bit more about how we try to keep our business as green as possible.

TGoG Podcast 092 – Greening Around with Adam

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The Greening of Gavin PodcastAs promised, I managed to have a chat with my son Adam on the last day of his visit.  I was interested to discover how the cultures that he had been immersed in during the last five years viewed sustainability and treated the environment.  Of course there is a caveat in which rightly he states that he could only gauge the vibe from those he mingled with during his stay.

I fully understand that, but I was after his experience, his views, and that is exactly what we got during our chat.  We cover his time in the United Kingdom, Germany (1st time), Canada, and finally Germany again.

We also have some comparison with life in Australia and what people in other countries think of our Government’s current policies.  You may or may not be kind of shocked.

So grab a cuppa and sit back and have a listen to a great episode.

If you have any questions for Adam or comments/observations of your own, we would welcome them via comment below.

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