Building Community Via Blogging


Blogging is a great tool with which to reach out to others, especially when you cannot find like minded people in your area. It is one of the many reasons that I started writing this blog, besides the fact that I had my story to tell.This connection with others in the simple/sustainable living community is also a great way to meet fellow bloggers. Now, as case in point, let me tell you about a   [Continue Reading …]

The Coffee Oracle


Where we live, water is not as abundant as it once was.  We have had one significant rain event for the entire Summer.  Only 55 mm (2 inches) of rain in three months. With empty rainwater tanks at around the mid January mark, my veggie patch and fruit trees were on life-support until two days ago.  It finally rained.  Enough rain in one day to refill both tanks.   [Continue Reading …]

It’s Not Always Beer and Skittles Living A Simple Life


I don't know if it is someone else's quote but here is one of my simple philosophies;"If you haven't had a failure yet, you are not trying hard enough!" - GavinEveryone has times in their life that things don’t go as planned. No one is infallible especially when it comes to the sharp learning curve that comes with adopting a more simple or sustainable lifestyle.The word ‘simple’ conjures up the   [Continue Reading …]

Being Green

Just a simple song today.  One that I first heard when I was a small child from a fabric frog who lived on a magical street in TV land far, far, away.Oh, how those simple lyrics ring so true for me now.Sometimes it is not easy being on the green team, but as Kermit said;"When green is all there is to beIt could make you wonder why, but why wonder whyWonder, I am green and it'll do fine, it's   [Continue Reading …]

Personal Time Management


So many people ask me where I get the time to do all the things that I do.  I have been giving it a lot of thought of late, because everyone who asks me also adds that they are so time starved, that they could not possibly achieve half of what I have on my average suburban house block.Now I am not going to regurgitate reams of tips from time management books, because in my opinion I have   [Continue Reading …]

What If…..


A funny thing happened to me at lunchtime today and the experience was surreal.  Let me tell you about it.It was cold, wet and blustery outside so I decided to forgo my regular lunch time walk and stayed indoors.  I was sitting on a couch in the lunch area at work, enjoying the rain falling across the city through the window perched 31 floors above street level.   [Continue Reading …]

One Finger Cannot Lift A Pebble


Thanks to a reader (Shirley), I happened to read a wonderful article written by Ernest Callenback, better know as author of Ecotopia.  He died at 83 on April 16th, 2012 - leaving behind a final unpublished document on his computer. For those who have a spare 20 minutes today, have a read of his final document, "Epistle to the Ecotopians: Last Words to an America in Decline".I have never   [Continue Reading …]

Green Mojo

You know what?  After having read an article in the latest G Magazine, I believe that I have been suffering from 'Green Fatigue'.  Here is an extract so you see what I am on about;"The Murray-Darling water plan.  Coal seam gas mining. Old growth logging. That 'great big' carbon tax. Yep, 2011 was a hectic 12 months for environmentalists - and those are just the major campaigns.   [Continue Reading …]

On Happiness….


Whilst in hospital (which went well), I had a lot of time to think about stuff which is always a good thing in my opinion.  I had time to relax (a little), and time to think about the path ahead.  In this post, I am going to attempt to describe some of my thoughts in some kind of cohesive way.All sorts of emotions arose which are part of the normal human condition.  Things like;   [Continue Reading …]

Our Future…


George Taylor: Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it. [screaming] George Taylor: You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! I have learned a lot from being a science fiction fan.  A lot in fact about imagining a possible future for humanity, and where we may be heading.  From reaching far into space like in Star Trek, to   [Continue Reading …]

Do Not Drop It

I was doing a bit of surfing and came across this site called "Planet Pals", which has something to do with Earth Day.  Anyway, I stumbled across the 'kids count for Earth Day' page where a whole bunch of kids from all over the world wrote haiku about Earth day.   A great competition and one that got their creative juices flowing.There were lots of great entries, but one poem just   [Continue Reading …]

How To Tell If You Are A Hard Core Greenie


Many of my posts lately have been analysing the differences I see around me and how different it is to the way I now perceive our society.  However, one of the things I haven't done of late is to analyse myself.  Now, those who have met me would say that I am fairly hard core green, if you know what I mean.  This blog is a testament to the green changes I have managed to achieve in   [Continue Reading …]

Living In Another World – Gav’s Response


This post goes out to Mia who blogs at "Becoming a Good Human", and all those who commented.  Don't despair, because I feel like that sometimes as well.She describes how she feels that she is becoming disconnected from society and quotes a passage from Dave Pollard's blog "How To Save The World";"But I’m beginning to think it’s not so much the limits of language as that, having rejected   [Continue Reading …]

Gulf Oil Spill


Last night, Kim and I were watching some news footage of all of the animals caught up in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater disaster.  It was deeply saddening to watch, and we both had a tear at the end of it.  Our greed has let to this.  Our lust for cheap energy has led to this.  We have done this to ourselves.I know it has taken a while to comment on one of the biggest   [Continue Reading …]

No Place Like Home


We have been living on Planet Earth as if we were making an overnight stop at a cheap motel.  We throw towels all over the place, pile up take-away food cartons and beer bottles, and don't worry about the hairs in the sink or lipstick on the mirrors.But our planet isn't a temporary stop over, and there's no cleaner to tidy up in the morning.  It's true that Nature can clean up almost   [Continue Reading …]

A Strange Feeling


Today, my main post is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op and is titled Cognitive Dissonance.It is a rethink and rewrite of a story that I posted last year when I was experiencing a minor eco burnout!  My head certainly wasn't in the right place, and all I could see around me was doom and gloom with no-one doing anything about it. I believe it is a far better post because of my   [Continue Reading …]