Eco Documentaries That Changed My World View

Eco Documentaries - An Inconvenient Truth

Eco documentary directors and producers want to change the world, or at least their little part of it.  The only trouble is that they must have an audience willing to watch them. The good news is that I love watching eco documentaries, and many have influenced my thinking.  In fact, I have watched so many of them, that I want to share a few of my favourites that influenced us the most.  I have   [Continue Reading …]

Blogging for Beginners – Blogging Course

Gavin blogging in his garden

Do you want to build an on-line community?  Are you looking for a way of engaging like-minded people within your niche?  Why not build a blog?  Would you like to learn from someone you trust? My wife Kim, convinced me to start sharing my skills and experience in this field.  So dear readers, I am very pleased to announce that I will be teaching a blogging course over two sessions, here  in   [Continue Reading …]

Beer Bottling Day With Amy


Remember back a couple of weeks ago when I passed on the valuable skill of beer making to Amy?  To jog your memory, the post was titled "Beer Making With Amy".  It was great fun and we put down two brews to ferment.Two weeks later, with the beer ready to bottle, my trusty helper was called back to learn how to bottle the beer. Now as I had a downshift day today, I decided to bottle the   [Continue Reading …]

Teaching on


I have been getting a lot of feedback about my video tutorials via reader emails and via YouTube.  So much so, that recently I was invited by to turn them into more formal lessons on their site.I remastered three videos that I had previously uploaded to YouTube and the team at are turning them into very informative lessons complete with quizzes and a recipe sheet.   [Continue Reading …]

Introducing Little Green Workshops


We finally did it!  With my assistance, Kim has officially launched her business today, even though it has been in existence since April.  It is called Little Green Workshops, and even has its own website which is now live!  Pop over and take a peek at the courses and information that we are offering.  Yours truly did the simple web design,   [Continue Reading …]

How Uncomfortable Is Comfort?


Well, this question has been on my mind for a while, and on Thursday night I get to explore it with other panelists at Dancehouse in North Carlton.I am quite excited to be invited along.  Should be great fun.  Here are the details.How Uncomfortable is Comfort?Routines, habits, indulgent a word, reassuring comfort zones. But to what extent are they liberating or   [Continue Reading …]

An Introduction to Sustainable Living


If anyone is interested in hearing me talk about how it all started, and what we have achieved so far, then join me tomorrow night here in Melton West.Kim and I would love to meet you if you live close by.  The more the merrier!Details below.An Introduction to Sustainable Living Ever wondered how to start living a more sustainable lifestyle? Come along and hear Gavin Webber (award   [Continue Reading …]

Our Soap Making Workshop


Sunday was busy, busy, busy.Kim and I taught our first public soap making workshop! It was over-subscribed, which was great news for us which tells us that there is a lot of interest in the course, so there is an overflow session which will be on Sunday 28th April so that no one misses out. We now have a dedicated green workshop site - Little Green Workshops ( that   [Continue Reading …]

Free Presentation in Melbourne Tonight!

Don't forget that for those of you who live in Melbourne, I am giving a talk tonight at Ivanhoe Library titled "Energy Efficiency in the Home".It will be great fun, and I guarantee that you will leave with at least one thing you can easily implement yourself.Details below;Energy Efficiency in the HomeDate: TUESDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2013TIME: 7PM - 8PMIvanhoe Library, IVANHOECost: Free   [Continue Reading …]

Upcoming Presentations and Courses


As I mentioned at the start of the year when I set my personal goals for 2013, I will be getting out from behind the computer monitor more often and presenting or educating more people in person.I really enjoy meeting readers and the interested members of public, and have a few presentations and courses over the next few months.  Unfortunately there are not TV appearances scheduled, but I am   [Continue Reading …]

Our First Soap Making Workshop


Yesterday was another first.  It was our first attempt at a soap making workshop!  Allow me tell you about it.Previously we had provided demonstrations for members of the local sustainable living group, so Kim and I wanted to take it to the next level, and begin to teach this skill to members of the wider community.  We were excited to be teaching as a team.However, as we like to   [Continue Reading …]

The Greening Of Ben


Thanks to all those who left a comment on Monday's post.  It took me a while after I wrote it to realise that I do actually teach lots of people how to grow food via this blog.  I suppose what I was referring to was teaching people in my family, and our local community.  I am the only person in our family unit that has the detailed knowledge of what to plant when and how.  The   [Continue Reading …]

Free ATA Webinar – Energy Efficiency

On the 4th April at 11am, I have been invited to be one of the presenters during the next free Alternative Technology Association Webinar.  A webinar is a bit like a seminar however it is the online version.  Think of it as a teleconference with pictures.The subject of this webinar is "Retrofitting Your Home for Energy Efficiency", and it should be very informative.  Clicking on the   [Continue Reading …]

Wise Words Wednesday


Today's WWW question comes from Theanne in Florida, USA, who left a comment for me over on the Simple Green Frugal Co-op.  I feel that I did not respond adequately.  Here is the question;Theanne talk the talk and walk the walk, I like that! Are there resources for people who want to do what they can to "save our planet" but they live in apartments...I'd love to find   [Continue Reading …]

Solar Credit Rebate Reduction Soon

I noticed recently that the Australian Government is changing the Solar Credit Rebate as scheduled on the 1st July 2012.  Basically the multiplier with with they calculate your rebate is changing from 3 to 2.  This means that no matter what part of Australia you are in, you will get 33% less of a rebate if you order a system after this date.The government website describes the reduction   [Continue Reading …]

Ben’s Consumerism Essay

Our son Ben (12) is now officially being home schooled, and he loves it.  We have been studying consumerism this week, and I set Ben a task of watching the documentary "What Would Jesus Buy?" which I wrote about in this post many moons ago. After he finished watching it, I set him an essay to write with the question, "What is the main reason for the rapid growth of the consumer culture?"Ben   [Continue Reading …]