Crazy Backyard Chicken Eggs

Large 93 gm double yolk egg

One of the fun things about keeping backyard chickens is the crazy egg sizes that they lay each and every day. Before I had my own chooks, I had long forgotten that eggs are not the same size, shape, and colour as they are presented to you in the store bought egg carton.  It is amazing how easily one can be fooled into thinking this way brought on by familiarity and the stringent grading of   [Continue Reading …]

Green Quick Tips – Cooking, Chickens, and Rainwater Harvesting


Oh the joy of recording in 40°C heat!  I wonder if I should record an episode on how to minimize perspiration naturally!  Sounds like a plan.Not that I am complaining, as I do enjoy researching and producing these green quick tips to share with you.  You may have noticed that there was no episode produced on Monday just past.  It was the Australia Day holiday here Down Under,   [Continue Reading …]



Day four of our heatwave, with four days over 40°C so far. I had a pretty shitty day.  The temperature peaked at 43°C (109.4°F) here today.This morning when I was feeding the chooks, I notice that one was missing.  It was Baldy chicken (she had no feathers on her neck), one of my favourites, which was strange because she was always the first out the door of the coop each morning.I looked   [Continue Reading …]

Cluckingham by Name, Cluckingham by Nature

Clucky Chickens

Many of you will know that our chook house is called Cluckingham Palace.  My son Ben and I built it a few years ago with a bit of help from Kim. Over the last few weeks, I believe that it is a most apt name.  Kim has named some of them the Broody Bunch for a very good reason! So lets catch them in the act, shall we.  As I slowly lift the lid on the nesting box, loud clucking and   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 044 – Suburban Food Farm in December


Time for an audio update about what is growing around the Suburban Food Farm in December.  Lots of food growing very, very quickly now that the summer has finally begun in earnest. During the podcast I mentioned one of my favourite pickles recipes which is Bread and Butter Cucumbers, just like my Mum used to make when I was a kid.  Delicious. Also, I talked about the chooks, in   [Continue Reading …]

Relieving Chicken Boredom and Bullying


Our chookies have been getting bored.  The first sign to watch out for is that they pick on the hen that is at the bottom of the pecking order for no apparent reason.They get so nasty that this bullying is persistent to the point that they usually cause the victim to bleed, usually by pecking the comb.I saw this starting to manifest itself on Thursday when I performed the daily feed.  It   [Continue Reading …]

Planting the Front Veggie Patch


We had a big day in the front garden planting out the beds.In the larger of the two, I decided that it was going to be entirely for potatoes.  I choose two varieties which I like; Pontiac and Desiree.  I learnt a lot from last years crop near the chook house.  I learnt to dig down about 20 cm, and to fertilise the trench first before placing the potatoes in the bottom.  This   [Continue Reading …]

First Eggs from the New Flock


See what I did there?  I'm on the slippery slope of backyard chooks. Truly.  I am already at the bottom of the slope. Anyway, my girls have been very productive lately.  Out of 10 hens we have been getting up to eight eggs per day.  They are like egg laying machines!It looks like the young girls have reached point of lay and are egging the others on to lay every day.  Even   [Continue Reading …]

The Slippery Slope of Backyard Chooks

I was just out admiring my girls (chooks) and watching their antics and wondered if there were hazards to having backyard hens. Are there any hazards that a little bit of common sense won't fix?Well apparently there are!  There are many hazards as this homesteader video attests to.  Have a look.  It is an eye-opener.This lady is the best.  I just wish that someone had have   [Continue Reading …]

Getting Started With Chickens Interview


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed again by Farmer Liz over at Eight Acres.This time the interview was about how I got started with my backyard flock and any advice I had for the good readers of her blog.Here is a little extract of the interview;How many chickens (and other fowl) do you keep, what breed and what do you use them for (meat, eggs, slug control etc)? I currently   [Continue Reading …]

Chicken Feeder Update


I thought that it would be prudent to provide an update about how the chooks have adapted to the new feeders that I bought from Royal Rooster.  You can read the original post titled "New Chicken Feeders" if you want to learn more about the changes I made to my chooks feeding routine.So how did it work out?  I have some good news.  These feeders will pay themselves back in feed costs   [Continue Reading …]

New Chicken Feeders


Are you sick of all the native birdlife eating all of your chicken feed? I know that I am.  I reckon that about half of the feed that I put out each day gets eaten by native pigeons and sparrows.  That gets expensive after awhile.Hopefully, from tomorrow we will no longer have this issue.So after our soap making workshop, I fitted some new feeders and a waterer that I bought from Royal   [Continue Reading …]

New Chooks!


Our old girls are getting on now.  Bunty from the original flock is 5 years old, which is like 120 in chicken years!  The others range between 3 - 4.  Well past prime laying age of 18 months.Also according to my egg calendar, May is the leanest month for egg laying.  Last year they only laid 17 eggs out of 8 hens, and so far this year we have collected 16 and are down to 7   [Continue Reading …]

Around The Suburban Farm


This weekend was so very relaxing, with just a little going on.Saturday was clean out the chook house day, and treat the big girls for scaly leg mites (a thankless task).  A quick dunk of their legs in vegetable oil does the trick, and you can learn more about how to get rid of these little beasties in this post titled "How To Remove Scaly Leg Mites".The little pekin bantams also   [Continue Reading …]

Bloody Heat!


I am over it!  Stinking hot days, and sultry hot nights.  Can't work in the garden.  Can't sleep well at night.Summer was supposedly over twelve days ago and all we have had since then is unseasonably hot weather.  The maximum temperature at our home on Monday was 37.8C (100F).  Today, the temperature is now passed above 30C so it has just   [Continue Reading …]

How to Clip Chicken’s Wings


Read the title again. Not how to cook chicken wings, how to clip chicken’s wings.We have a leghorn hen, Gracie, who has been clucky, and therefore demoted to the bottom of the pecking order by the rest of the big chooks. She is just starting to break out of her broodiness, and has attempted several times to integrate back into the flock. Her integration is causing lots of fights, because Bunty   [Continue Reading …]