TGoG Podcast 065 – Balcony Gardening and Quilting with Teena Webber

During her visit, my sister Teena was telling me all about her balcony garden on Bribie Island Queensland, which sounded very impressive. So impressive in fact, that I just had to bring her on to the show as a guest to talk about it.

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She lives over 1776 km (1103 miles) away from where I do in Victoria, so her climate is vastly different.  For example, she can grow tomatoes in the winter, which is unheard of down here except in a greenhouse.

Teena Webber and her big brother Gav

Teena Webber and her big brother Gavin

With many tropical and warm climate fruit trees in pots, and veggies growing in tubs, she supplements her diet with delicious home-grown food in her rented apartment balcony.

But that’s not all, there’s more to this episode than just balcony gardening.

At around the 26 minute mark in the show, Teena also tells me all about quilting .  I had no idea about this age-old skill, so she goes into a fair bit of detail about how she reuses old fabric and transforms it into something amazing.   You can catch her quilting skills over at her Facebook page, That Quilt Lady.  Show her some love if you are into quilting.

Here is a sample of her work; she has many more photos on her Facebook page.

One of Teenas quilts

One of Teenas quilts.  Love the legs poking out of the bottom!

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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!  One final thing if you please. I am sure Teena would like to answer any questions you have via comment where you can also thank her for a very interesting show. 

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  1. Lynda says

    Id love to see some pics of the balconies. Has Teena tried hand pollinating. Try a rabbits tail on a stick. Love loquats. Gosh there must be some weight on the balcony with all the big tubs.

    • Gavin Webber says

      I did hear yesterday that the neighbour below her complained to the body corporate about the water dripping down, and she may have to remove all the trees.

      very sad :-(

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