Green Quick Tip – Composting

This Green Quick Tip episode is all about compost.  What it is.  What to put in, and what to leave out.  I also talk about the three main methods available to the home gardener.

This episode is less than 5 minutes long, and easy on the ears!

GQT 21 – Green Quick Tips for Composting

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Until next time, stay keen and go green!
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  1. bruisemouse says

    Hi Gav. Great timing with this podcast. I’m not sure if it is a nationwide thing, but over in the west we are having a big focus on compost with ‘Compost in May’. The Waste Authority and regional councils are getting behind it with different events.
    Your wonderful readers might find this useful.
    Can’t wait to have a listen on my way to work this morning.
    Take care

    • Gavin Webber says

      Thanks BM for the link. Hope you enjoyed the episode. It is getting increasingly difficult to contain the show to just 5 minutes! I could have talked at least another 20 minutes about compost, but I suppose that leaves some more material for the next show. 😉

  2. says

    Gav you have a great voice for radio. Love the tip that you don’t dig your compost into the soil – just lay it on top with a layer of mulch. Good to know. :)

    • Gavin Webber says

      Cheers Sarhn. Now if I can just stop saying um all the time, but they say practice makes perfect.

      It took me a few years to discover the compost tip, but it does help the plants so much more.


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