Backyard Clay Cob Oven Update

Due to popular demand and many requests, I took the opportunity to record some new footage of my backyard clay cob oven, highlighting how well it has held up during the two and a half years that it has been used in anger.

Yes dear green readers, a new clay oven video!

backyard clay cob oven

I talk about the outer layer of cement render, lack of expansion, and superficial cracking.  I also show the inside cracks that have appeared in the first layer.

Other than those few things, it has held up very well, and still going strong. We use it about 7 times a year (not in summer), so it gets a decent workout. I also show the basics of fire management when preparing for cooking, and the production line method that I use for cooking large quantities of food.

So to that end, please join me by viewing this update for my backyard clay cob oven.  The video runs for just over 5 minutes.

If you are after detailed instructions about how to build this style of cob oven then click through to However, if you have any easy questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to answer them.


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      • Lynda says

        I make so many typos when i use pad. Takes some getting use to. I love tending a fire as well.

    • Gavin Webber says

      Cheers Bryan. All fixed now. Thanks for supplying the link to my youtube channel. Greatly appreciated.


      • says

        I suppose now is my turn to shake my fist … After watching that video, I have proceeded to waste … err, invest, more time watching others. Now I am plotting out the purchase of a Wine Chiller to make a Cheese Cave, and how to build me some molds and presses. I can already see my wise’s eyes rolling. :)

        Keep up the good work, it is inspiring!

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