TGoG Podcast 061 – An Outsiders View of Sustainable Living

The Greening of Gavin PodcastSometimes it can be difficult to gauge what an outsider thinks of our sustainable lifestyle, and how they can adapt to sustainable living in the ‘burbs.  Are we perceived as new aged hippies, or just people with a quirky outlook, or neither?

So luckily during this episode of the podcast, we get the opportunity to see if our way of living rubs off on our visitors who drop in occasionally and what they think of it.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:17:13)

So to that end, my special guest is Pam Dawson, my Mother-in-law.  She lives in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.  However, she has been staying here at TGoG urban farm for the past five weeks and I was interested in her opinion of how we live, what she likes best about it, what she doesn’t like, and what lessons she is taking home with her.

The chat was insightful, even though a little bit biased.  After all, she is the mother of my wife, Kim, and lovely at that.

Maybe I didn’t work her hard enough around the garden?  Seriously, I really appreciated all the help she gave us during her visit, and couldn’t thank her enough for volunteering as a guest on the show.  Thanks Pam.

So make yourself a cuppa and please take the time to have a listen to our little chat about her experience of sustainable living.  I believe you will enjoy it.

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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!  Please thank Pam for coming on the show.


  1. says

    Loved the interview with Pam. What a lovely lady, and it was interesting to hear her view on living sustainably in the suburbs and what ideas she will be taking back with her to good old Blighty.

    You done good Gav!

    • Gavin Webber says

      Cheers Jean. She is a lovely lady who takes it all in when she visits. Certainly very open minded.


  2. Lynda says

    1. You called your MIL “Mate”, did you realise this?
    2. She actually listens to you and takes your advice. OMG
    3. Gosh for just a second i thought i was going to be helping your MIL with her garden.
    4. I bet Ben loved having his Nan visit – all those chores in and out of the house being done on his behalf.
    5. While im talking about Ben, loving the moustache and beard. Looking very mature.
    6. Why is Kim’s accent stronger than her Mum’s.

    So glad she has enjoyed her stay and will now be putting into action some of your gardening tips. Im sure she will love playing in the garden as much as i do. Im just about to make some greenhouse doobey things to put over my raised beds using bent conduit and plastic(with ventilation holes). Perhaps this is something your MIL can use during the cold cold UK winters.

    Oh, hello Pam and greeting from Lynda.

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