TGoG Podcast 055 – Update and Solar Case Study

The Greening of Gavin PodcastBack into the fold and behind the mic once more after a bout of laryngitis. It took a while to recover, but I am now very excited to be bringing you this episode.

Today I provide an update about some very exciting things that have been going on around the place. As diverse as being interviewed for 7 News, to presenting to the Cheapskate Club, and to preparing for some sustainable living workshops.

However, the main part of the episode is dedicated to a solar case study that was written about our system by our installer six and a half years after the initial turn on date.

I also describe a new type of solar PV system – the Hybrid with battery bank. This newer technology provides power to your home if you lose the grid. It can also be configured to provide free electricity to your home from the battery bank during the night-time.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:34:13)
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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!


  1. sue says

    Hi Gavin, well done on your newscast, it’s excellent the message you are getting out there. Can you please suggest which solar panel company I should use to get panels. It’s a minefield of information out there and sounds like you have picked a good one. Your website is going gangbusters.

    • Gavin Webber says

      Hi Sue, thanks for the feedback. I highly recommend Energy Matters. They installed my system and many thousands around the country. Mine has been working flawlessly for six and a half years.

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