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The Greening of Gavin banner

Just after I migrated this blog to WordPress, I noticed that the blog banner was a bit old and worn out.  After all, it had remained in place for over 1500 blog posts.  

At first glance, it didn’t really tell you what the blog was about.   So I asked my readers for recommendations of good graphic designers that they may have used or know.  Someone answered my call for help.

This banner was designed by Fiona Kertesz, who was recommended to me by Madeleine (aka NZEcoChick).  I am very pleased with Fiona’s work and her patience whilst we went to and fro during the design process.  If you like this banner, and are in the market for something new, then Fiona’s service is second to none.  She was happy to please  and make subtle changes during the entire process, with lots of variations and fonts to choose from once I was able to articulate what I was after.  And her fees were reasonable seeing the effort she put in.

I must say that I am chuffed to bits with the feedback I have been receiving today about the new banner on my Facebook page.  I think it captures the essence of TGoG and what it is all about.

The new banner represents my journey towards a greener lifestyle, from home solar PV, homebrew beer, growing vegetables, raising backyard chooks, planting dozens of fruit trees, through to my favourite hobby of cheese making.  Very topical.

So, what do you think of the logo?  Hip and fresh?  Would love some feedback, good or otherwise (good mostly ;-)).

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  1. Laurie says

    Looks great. My husband loves the beer mug – he also brews his own beer. Learning so much from your blog, thank you and your family for encouraging us wanna be urban farmers!

  2. Madeleine Lawrence says

    It’s really fresh and attractive, Gav. The beer mug makes it clear that going green isn’t all sackcloth and ashes!

    Have a great day,


  3. Lynda says

    It so you!! Understated and yet so full of (ummmm pause) information! See i found the right word. LOL Well Done and thanks for info. We are thinking of new logo for work.

  4. KATE FLINT says

    Yep, it is perfect, took me by surprise on your facebook page and I thought wow, how did Gavin do that?!! Interesting how, going left to right, beer comes before food :-)

  5. Gavin Webber says

    Thanks everyone for the honest feedback. I specifically asked for the beer to be added to the banner, as it shows that sustainable/simple living is not all about knitting yurts and shovelling manure (no offence to any goat or cow herders out there). Plus, I love homebrew beer!

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