Losing My Voice, Again

Thyme Tea

Unfortunately, I have not recorded any podcasts this week, as I have some sort of virus.  I caught it from Kim, who caught it from Anna (who is visiting from the UK).  Frustrating to say the least, as I really enjoy producing podcast episodes.

We are both a bit ordinary at the moment, and my voice sounds like a Darth Vader with the helmet on.  Not nice.  When I recover I will start recording again, but until then, I will start drinking and gargling Thyme tea as I am sure I will lose my voice over the weekend, with a bout of laryngitis.  This laryngitis remedy tea will help loosen the vocal chords.

I will also be taking some echinacea tincture that my friend Jessie (aka RabidLittleHippy) made for us.  That should help as well.  As well as some lemon/orange and honey hot drinks.

All that said, it gives me a good excuse to get into the garden, and to finish off a few projects that I have been putting off due to other commitments.  I better get my act together and start sowing seeds for the winter crop.

There has also been a general request from the family for me to make some ravioli.  So to that end, I will be be making some ricotta, then mixing it with some sauteed silverbeet with some herbs and spices to make the little yummy pillows of ravioli goodness.  It is always great to make something from scratch with my hands.

Looking forward to a productive and relaxing weekend.  A suburban food farm does not look after itself.

How about you?  What productive things are you looking to achieve over the weekend?


  1. says

    Saturday, fixing a tap or two and then off to Birthday Party
    Sunday, extracting some honey, and then heading over to the EV expo and Swinburne TAFE in Hawthorne.

      • says

        sorry,no Photos, although the ATA crew will have plenty. It took longer then expected to do the Honey and then a friend popped in to collect some of the equipment so I didn’t get to the event unfortunately.

    • Gavin Webber says

      Thanks Alicia. I have some beautiful local honey from my friend Mick. I will start eating it by the spoonful! Have a great weekend. x

  2. Jessie says

    Hey Gav, I hope you all feel better soon and the tincture helps.
    This weekend is about recovery for me and getting us all up and presentable and on time to a wedding tomorrow. I’ve had a wander around the garden and spent quiet time brainstorming and researching on the train and whilst waiting for it and I have many ideas and a good idea of the timing for them too.
    Enjoy your time in the garden. The sunshine and fresh air will help effect a cure too.

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