Moving Blog and Podcast Hosts

Due to technical difficulties with my podcast hosting service, I have decided to bite the bullet and move from Blogger over to WordPress on my very own hosted site.  This will include my Greening of Gavin and Green Quick tips podcasts as well.  I will be using a dedicated media host for the podcast files (Blubrry or Libsyn), so not only will the response time pick up, but I will be able host more shows.

Over the next few days, you may see some changes to the template of this blog, possibly a new theme, and new media widgets for the podcast episodes.  All RSS feeds should remain the same, but I will let you know before I close down the Blogger site.

I realise that this is a lot of work, but I don’t want to bore you with the details, but suffice to say, I will have a faster and more reliable service for all my readers to enjoy.  As far as the cost goes, when I add it all up, it is on par with what I am paying now.

So blog posts and podcast episodes will be scarce until I am fully migrated over.  If you want to stay in touch with me during the migration you can catch me at or Google Plus +Gavin Webber or Twitter @greeningofgavin

See you all soon on the other side!


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    Velcome to Vurdpress! And squeee! As a wordpress user, albeit the free one, I will now see your replies to my comments without needing to chase them up. 😀 Oh, and my smiley in my comments will come up as actual smiles :) grins :D, winks 😉 and even the occasional frown :(.

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      I have been really disappointed with the service I receive from Podbean (podcasting host) of late. Wednesday was a debacle. Their infrastructure was down for most of the day, without any notice. I sent email to their support team asking for an explanation, and their response was that it was due to a ‘glitch’. No apology for the downtime, or compensation. Disgusting service if you ask me.

      So therefore I am moving to something more reliable.

      Best of luck with your move. x

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