Sustainable Living eBook Update Plus a Bonus For You

I was talking to some friends the other day about my sustainable living eBooks and after I told them what they were about, naturally the conversation steered towards sales figures.  I think they were curious to see if there was any money in it.

Now, I didn’t really know the exact figure, and even though there is a small but steady monthly royalty from the eBooks that comes my way, I have never been in it for the money.  Therefore I couldn’t answer their question.

Additionally, they were very surprised that I give away my first book for free!  I told them it was my gift to my readers, which they really couldn’t understand.

Anyway, it got me thinking.  How many copies of my first eBook The Greening of Gavin – My First Year of Living Sustainably had I sold or given away for free (mainly free)?  It must only be a hundred or so.

So, I took the time to do the maths and was very surprised that since it was first published in June 2012, nine hundred and seven (907) people have downloaded, and hopefully read it!

I was gobsmacked.  That is so many people!  I am so grateful to all of you who have taken the time to read about my initial motivation to live this chosen lifestyle, and to learn some tips about sustainable living.

Not being one to rest on my laurels, I have decided that for every single person who signs up to receive my blog posts via email, that I would throw in a FREE copy of the eBook as a bonus.  The more the merrier I reckon.

So if you are interested in signing up to receive the blog via email (only 3 a week) and want to get the eBook for FREE as well, then please sign up here.

You’ll receive an email with a link to the book within an hour of signing up to the list.

Alternatively, you can use the embedded signup form on the right hand sidebar.  Also, if you have already subscribed, I will be sending a link later on today to all who are already on my list as a bit of a gift and a thank you.  There maybe even a little bonus surprise as well!

Whilst we are on the eBook topic, my gardening eBook manuscript is slowly plodding along which is tentatively titled Suburban Food Farm.  It is taking much longer than expected due to so many workshops and actual gardening tasks that it only gets worked on once a week.  Sorry about the delay if you are waiting for this one.

I have also been thinking of continuing my future vision stories (like yesterdays post) as a full blown novella (around 20,000 words).  What do you think?  Does it have potential?  If this project did go ahead, I would definitely require an editor as it is my first work of fiction.  Anyway, I would love some feedback as I just love writing, which you can probably tell by the frequency of my blog posts!

All the best and thanks for reading the blog so far,

Gav x

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  1. says

    I really, really like the idea of a novella based on your vision of the future. I found yesterdays post fascinating and there is always that element of hope and survival in your stories that I find so reassuring. Keep up with your writing Gavin. You are doing a wonderful job.

  2. says

    Gavin, I have only just found your blog this week, and I am enjoying it very much. We are “worlds” apart in the miles between where we live, but we have begun our journey this year, and We are having a blast. Your blog is an inspiration and I wish that there were more like minded people here in the United States.

    Keep on writing, whether it is the blog, or a book, there are people out here who will / are enjoying it!

  3. says

    Definitely keep up the work with the story. I love it and each chapter has been incredibly inspiring insightful and thought provoking for me too. As much as the future in a posk peak oil crash world appeals to me I also fear it as there are so many things we are just not ready for as a society but your stories give me something to look orward to. They are upbeat and positive and I think that is really what we need more of. Stories of the future to bring hope to us all.

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