Introducing Little Green Workshops

We finally did it!  With my assistance, Kim has officially launched her business today, even though it has been in existence since April.  
It is called Little Green Workshops, and even has its own website which is now live!  Pop over and take a peek at the courses and information that we are offering.  Yours truly did the simple web design, which was great fun.
Setting up the business was a bit of mucking around with government websites to register the trading name and to get an Australian Business number, but worth it in the end.  Kim is listed as a sole trader.
She is the owner, and I am volunteer teacher which works fine for us.  We are investing all the proceeds back into her business for the first year, so we can purchase equipmentment with having to go into debt, which is a wise move in these troubled economic times.  We have low overheads because we have no business premises, and teach at local community learning centres in the Greater Melbourne area.
So to that end, we have a soy candle making workshop this Sunday, which is being held at the Melton South Community Centre.  There are a few spaces left, so please call the centre for bookings if you are interested.  
Come along and make your own soy fragranced candle in a glass holder, a plain soy candle in a Mosaic glass holder and four tea lights. Includes Notes.
Date: Sunday 11 August 2013

From 10.00am – 12.30pm (1 session)

Cost: $72.00 or $67.00 concession

Contact: Melton South Community Centre T 03 9747 8576

Looking forward to being part of a new era in green living skills education!


  1. Anonymous says

    Congratulations to both of you! This is well done of you both.
    I enjoy TGOG and LGC both, LOL, am a ‘soaper’ and a ‘curd nerd’ both.
    I did have an idea for a future online project, but not sure it’s applicable? When you make your beer, Gavin, is it from a beermaking kit, or is it from scratch, say, hops from the garden and so forth?
    All the best, cheers

    • says

      Hi anon. Cheers. I make beer mainly from a kit but I do add extra malt and a few other goodies. I wish I had the space for hops, as it would make it a little more sustainable.


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