Great News!

Over the weekend, Kim and I received some fantastic news.

This news is that the Melton Sustainable Living Group will continue!  I was a bit worried that the group would fold.  After a great co-ordination effort by Patrick Mc, who sent out a survey to members, which helped to fill the missing committee positions, the group now has volunteers for each executive and ordinary committee roles.

All that is required now is to hold the Annual General Meeting to make the changes final, and to perform the handover ceremony.  I am so glad that it is continuing.

We are both ecstatic that people have considered that it is worthwhile to keep sustainable living education alive in our community.  It is really needed as we start to see signs of TSHTF.

Even though Kim and I have resigned, and are not members at this stage due to taking a breather, we still hold it close to our heart as one would expect.  You can read about how I felt on my last day as President in this post titled “Sad“.  But the great thing is that the group continues as an entity, so I am not sad anymore.

Great effort by all who helped keep the group functioning.  Community spirit is alive and well.  I am looking forward to helping out on the odd occasion.

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    Well Done Patrick and what a relief for you two. So much of your time and effort has gone into the Group and so it must feel good to hand it over to committed people. Cheers.

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    Great news indeed Gav! So happy for you and Kim and great to know that all that effort will not go to waste.
    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

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    That is indeed good news. I am so glad to hear that others care as much for our environment and living sustainable lives as you and Kim and that they care enough t give of their time. Well done Patrick and the others who have stepped into the vacant positions.

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      Me too Jessie. It give me encouragement that others care as well. Oh BTW, your comments seem to always go to the spam folder, so I apologise if they are a little late in appearing. I don’t always check that folder as often as I should.

      Gav x

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    Yeah, she’s a very “spammy” kinda person, so not surprised. LOL Only good friends can get away with that kind of comment.

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    We’re all just glad we can continue the good work – thanks to Gav, Kim and the previous committee members for all of their fantastic effort through the years. Onwards and upwards :-)

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