TGoG Podcast 037 – Stockpiling Essentials

This episode is all about stockpiling essentials. Things like food, water, cooking methods and the like that are good to have at hand during an emergency.

A while ago, I wrote a post titled Nine Meals from Anarchy, which talks about what might happen in an emergency. This podcast episode takes it one step further where I talk about essential things that you may need in the event of an emergency if the supermarket shelves become bare.

I also touch on a series of posts that I wrote a couple of years ago called the Be Prepared Challenge, collaborating with Bec from Eat At Dixiebelle’s.

Anyway, I hope that you gain an insight into why it is a great idea to have a small stockpile of sorts, in your own home.

Don’t forget that you can leave a comment about the podcast via this blog, or a leave me a voicemail question or comment via the gadget on the sidebar, which I can play during the next episode.

Happy Stockpiling!


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  1. says

    That was cool. My first podcast. You sound nothing like i imagined. Very soothing tones, like a voice over guy on a relaxation radio channel. I was paying attention to what you said also. Great tips.

  2. says

    As usual, nice podcast, Gavin. A growing number of folks in the USA practice some form of stockpiling or “preparedness”. Often starting with 72 hour kits and going up to 1 or more years. We can all the excess from our garden as well as cheap produce we can get. Beans, both dried and canned, make up a good chunk of our protein (most of mine – I’m veg), but we’ve added tuna, and I will probably be adding canned meat for my omni family. When I preserve foods, I try to do 1/3 in freezer, 1/3 canned, and 1/3 dried. It’s an art as well as a science. Water is where we’re lacking. Thanks, again, and keep up the good news.

    • says

      Thanks Mary. Don’t some in the US use the term Preppers? It is not that well known here, however a lot of country people do stockpile as a matter of course.

      Thanks for listening. Gav x

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