Chicken Feeder Update

I thought that it would be prudent to provide an update about how the chooks have adapted to the new feeders that I bought from Royal Rooster.  You can read the original post titled “New Chicken Feeders” if you want to learn more about the changes I made to my chooks feeding routine.

So how did it work out?  I have some good news.  These feeders will pay themselves back in feed costs alone in about four months.

Here is why.

Not only have the hens figured out how to use them very quickly (including the waterer) that I installed for the bantams, there has been a noted absence of feral pigeons and a reduced number of sparrows mooching around Cluckingham Palace.   The pigeons cannot feed from these feeders because it is too high off the ground and there is nowhere for them to hold on to.  As for the sparrows, they are somewhat less of a nuisance and only a couple at a time can chow down.  This limits their theft significantly.

There is little waste in the form of spillage and the chooks are eating all of the feed, not just their favourite sunflower seeds.

Additionally, due to the cap on top and the hood at the front of the feeders, the food has stayed dry and clean since they started using it.  This is ever after the 38 mm of rain that we had a couple of weekends ago.

Each morning last week, I purposefully gave the large chooks the same amount of food that I normally serve, which is three times 500 ml jars full of feed per day (I use an old glass jar as a scoop).  I serve the bantams one scoop per day.

I checked how much feed remained when I locked them up each night and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

The results of the trial were amazing.

The three scoops of feed lasted all day, but here is the rub. This quantity, that would normally feed the five older hens, but also fed the three new pullets as well!  Eight chickens fed on the same feed that until last week, only fed five hens.  That is a big reduction in feed costs.

As for the bantams ration, they are consuming only half a serve each day.  The food in their feeders kept building up each day until I cut their ration back around mid-week. Even more money saved.

So as a result of this trial, I would highly recommend this feeder for anyone with a backyard flock.

Disclaimer:  I am not associated in anyway with Royal Rooster, and have not received payment for this post. I just like this time and feed saving product.


  1. says

    For what its worth, the hooks on the feeder fit perfectly into the cage wires on the chicken coops that are sold by Royal Rooster. Maybe thats why they don’t come with other fittings?

    I just picked up a second hand Royal Rooster Chicken Castle Royale, and it came with the feeders which just slotted straight onto the walls of the coop. Not having had chooks before, I was curious about what people thought of the waterer in particular – I was led here by the testimonial on the Royal Rooster site. I’m glad to hear that they work so well! I was worried that the chooks might not be able to work it out.

  2. says

    Hi Gav

    I’ve got a similar chook feeder called a Dine-a-Chook. It’s taught my girls some table manners, paid for itself in two months and heavily reduced the visiting vermin. It’s nice and high and they can’t reach it. Best thing I’ve bought for my chooker moles in a long time.


  3. says

    OMG how exciting! I am SO getting some for my chooks! I have no idea how much of the feed goes to the neighbourhood birds! I have a couple of Pekin Ducks as well, any idea if it would work for them too?

    You know maybe you could be a distributor for them! I’d be totally happy for you to get a cut of the sales, you are very likely making a fair few sales for RR just from this post, you sold me!

    • says

      Hi Tathra. I am not sure if it will work for ducks as the slots in the feeder are quite narrow. There may be an alternative on the Royal Rooster site?

      And quite true. I did notice that RR have put my blog posts into their testimonial section already, without me prompting them (with accreditation), which is nice. Maybe next time I order something, they may remember me.

      Gav x

  4. says

    Thanks Gav, nice to have someone to trial a product for you. Definately on the shopping list for later in the year. I still dont know what to do about the nuisance dog on the other side of the fence. I cant see my new chooks being happy about the constant (and i do mean constant) barking day and night. I cant see the owner, he’s way too scary, and i fear my only option will be the council. I believe that the barking would put the hens off laying.

    PS. I bought two copies of your cheese ebook yesterday, one for me and one for Jessie (rabidlittlehippy). She gets a goat on Saturday!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Lynda. I think that your local council will be the best option.

      Also, thanks for your support with the books. I will watch with keen interest how Jessie’s goat pans out!

      Gav x

  5. cynthia says

    We installed a waterer/feeder combo from royal rooster on the weekend. The girls seem to have adjusted quickly to the new regime, so I am also very happy with my purchase. Only thing I would comment on though is that I think it would have been an easier installation on our pen if the tubes did not come with hooks in place already, but no big deal.

    • says

      Nice observation Cynthia, which is something I hadn’t thought of.

      I also think it would have been cool if they had have thrown in a couple of saddle clips per feeder/waterer. Luckily, I had a few spare in my shed.

      Gav x

  6. Derek says

    Thank you Gavin. I’ve been wondering about feeders for my chooks. I don’t mind supporting the occasional turtle dove but not 28 million sparrows! They have descended in huge numbers and decimated my peas for the last 2 years running.

    I’ve been looking at getting something that would suit the 3 chooks I have in their retirement plus some new ones in the next few weeks.


  7. says

    I know what you mean Gav. I haven’t fully shut the lid on my new feeder but already the narrowed gap has made an enormous difference.

    I think the lid over the top and the height above the ground is what does the trick.

    Could be pretty simple for DIY enthusiasts to rig up one of their own. Although, if the payback time is that quick, it makes a certain amount of sense to just buy the commercial one and help keep small innovators in business.


  8. says

    Thanks Gavin! I’m looking at getting some chooks in the next few months, and those are the feeders/waterers that I’d decided upon. It’s really helpful to see how they’ve worked for others.

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