Building Community Via Blogging

Blogging is a great tool with which to reach out to others, especially when you cannot find like minded people in your area.

It is one of the many reasons that I started writing this blog, besides the fact that I had my story to tell.

This connection with others in the simple/sustainable living community is also a great way to meet fellow bloggers.

Now, as case in point, let me tell you about a lovely visit that Kim and I had from Lynda (Living in the Land of OZ), and Jessie (Rabid Little Hippy).  Both live withing 30 minutes drive of Melton, so we invited them over for morning tea.

They both arrive around the same time, however we got a big surprise when Lynda arrived with a chicken coop strapped to the back of her ute tray, and a couple of small Pekin Bantams in a cardboard box in the cab.  The chooks were delightful, and she has written a post titled “I am about to burst with happiness!”  I bet she is too the way she was doting over the two little girls ;-).

Kim made some cinnamon buns and I served up a quarter wheel of home made Caerphilly cheese.  Jessie also brought a freshly baked tea cake, and a loaf of sourdough bread.  Delicious.

Anyway, after a cuppa, great food, and a great conversation about all things sustainable, not to mention a good dig at the consumerism that surrounds us, it was off for a tour of the yard.

We all enjoyed the tour, exchanging ideas along the way about gardening, DIY and fruit trees.

Then, as we were saying our goodbyes, both ladies mentioned something remarkable.  They told me that it was my blog (as well as one other each) that set them on their own sustainable/simple living journey, and that it was our own transformation that had encouraged them to both to begin their own blogs with which to document their own adventures.  I was kind of taken aback, but in a nice way of course.  Amazing stuff.

So after hugs and goodbyes, we waved au revoir.  Kim and I really enjoyed the morning. Thanks Ladies for dropping by.

During the afternoon we did a bit of yard work, wrote a cheese press post, and tinkered around until dinner.

Later on during the evening, Jessie and Lynda’s parting words hit me like a tonne of bricks.  If I had influenced them in a way that they changed how they perceived their world and then took steps to change their lifestyles, how many others around the world had my journey and writing touched in the same way?

Tens? Hundreds? Thousands?

I guess I will never know.  But I do know this.  I came to realise that if you want to connect with like-minded people, I can think of no better method than to write your very own blog.

Not only will you make many on-line friends but you will make some great physical ones to boot.  Additionally, the opportunities that blogging opens up should not be underestimated.  I certainly never thought that I would feature on telly, or in local and national newspapers, and have the chance to write the odd article for a national sustainable living magazine.

But best of all, I have met so many wonderful, caring, and genuine people since I began writing this blog.  It is so very refreshing.

So my advice to all of you who are thinking of staring a blog in this community, don’t forget that as you tell your adventure to the world, amazing things will happen to you and to your many readers as you write about your very own small steps towards a more sustainable and simpler lifestyle.

Something for you all to reflect upon as you next press the publish button!


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    As you know Gav. I had been fiddling around the edges of my blog for a long while before you fired me up to pull my finger out and get the posts happening. It goes in bursts but it is a great way to connect and to clarify my thinking.


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    Hi Gavin, blogging doesn’t always give much reward for the long hours of writing (and photographing), but when you do find out that something you wrote made a different to someone, isn’t it an amazing feeling! I’m sure you’ve influenced many many people since you started blogging and sharing your perspectives. It is interesting for me to see how much you achieve on a small city block when my strategy has been to get more and more land to be self-sufficient! Cheers, Liz

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      Thanks Liz. It is a great feeling, and it never ceases to amaze me that my humble actions and words make a big impact.

      Mind you, I will never be self sufficient, but then again, that is not why I do it.

      Gav x

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    I agree with Lynda D. Between your blog and Rhonda’s at Down–to–Earth, I couldn’t NOT start trying to do things a little differently.

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    Gavin, I honestly don’t remember how I came across your blog; certainly it was in marketing one of my own and finding a common topic. But I subscribed, even if I am half a world away. The journey is similar. I had been reading your blog for a couple of months when you showed an aerial photograph of your house plot. I had imagined you were on several acres so I have shared so much about your blog with my readership to let them know they, too, can do SOMETHING to start living sustainably. Thanks!

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    PS. The other blog that along with Gav inspired my change of life was Rhonda’s Down to Earth. Such a wise woman, full of common sense.

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    Believe me the pleasure was all ours. Jess and i were talking this afternoon and reliving the highlights. Top of the list was meeting Kim. Really, what a wonderful welcoming woman. We think she should be writing her own blog about A. Living with Gav (must be an adventure)B. Her own journey C. Homeschooling your son D. The difficulty of motivating people E. Living with MS D. What ever else she bloody well wants.

    Guess What? Those two cheeky chickens have now grown to 5! FIVE!!! I know, how did that happen. I had no chooks when i woke up yesterday and now im a chook refuge. I now have 5 Pekin Bantams. I waited till dark and just slipped the new ones in and so far, all is quiet. I expect a few ruffled feathers in the morning but thats to be expected. So much joy in such pretty little packages. Ive had visitors this morning and this afternoon. I’ve had children sitting in a chair and cuddling a chook for the first time. Best feeling in the world.

    I agree Gav. Blogging does changed your life. I’ve made a good friend in the States, Tasmania, Jessie in Ballan, and now Gav & Kim in Melton. Blogging makes me think more. It slows me down from non stop action with life rushing past me to actually sit down, take a breath and put thoughts into writing. To share, to inspire, to amuse, to educate, to connect.

    All it takes is to make a connection through a blog and then be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone. If you are not BOLD enough to do that – go check my post on how i learnt to fake it. LOL

    PS. I think you have probably impacted thousands. Checked your pageview number recently?

    Lynda. :)

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