Solar Citizens

As our planet passed through the symbolic 400 p.p.m. CO2 barrier, I received this excellent email, which I hope will make a difference to your day if you live in Australia.  Finally, we as citizens have an advocate group just for solar PV owners.  This initiative has been launched by 100% Renewable Energy.

“Dear Gavin,

Are you a solar owner? Do you one day want to be one?  Do you want to see a solar panel on every Australian rooftop?

100% Renewable is delighted to today be announcing a new project to give a voice to Australia’s 2.5 million solar home owners – and all those who want to go solar.
To find more info and join up please visit our new website at Solar Citizens:
Australians are enthusiastically embracing solar power. Over 2.5 million Aussies now live under a solar roof, and $8 billion has been invested in panels across the country. Solar is the best way for households to take control of their energy bills and do their bit for the environment. Together ordinary Australians are taking back control of energy production. 
But there are a number of threats to current and future solar owners. Big power companies want to maintain their control of the energy system and are making it harder to go solar – threatening to charge big fees and refusing to connect some people.

That’s why we are launching Solar Citizens – to be a voice for solar owners (and solar supporters!), to ensure the poiticians and the big power companies hear that voice, and to make sure that every Australian can take advantage of the sun, cutting energy bills and creating cleaner power along the way.

We’ll be back in touch with more info on specific campaigns shortly, but for now we are delighted to take this opportunity to invite you – as existing supporters of renewable energy – to join Solar Citizens:
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information about Solar Citizens.  I look forward to welcoming you to the community.

Yours for a sunny future,

Geoff Evans
Solar Citizens Manager”

Cheers Geoff.  I joined up straight away once I heard of this group.  Hopefully with large membership numbers, we can sway our decision makers in Parliament to increase feed-in tariffs and stop cancelling funding for renewable energy projects, all the while propping up the fossil fuel industry with rebates and taxpayer handouts.

For those up early tomorrow, tune to Ch 7 – Sunrise breakfast show at 6.45am. Geoff will be joining Mel and Kochie on the breakfast lounge.

I am in, are you?


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