Kim and I made a very big decision in our lives last week.  

Well, it wasn’t really last week, we have been discussing it for over a month.
Here is the email that we sent all of the members of the Melton Sustainable Living Group on Friday;

“After many weeks of discussion, Kim and I have decided to step down from our positions as Secretary and President of the group, and will be tendering our resignations from the Melton Sustainable Living Group effective 30th June 2013 so that we can focus more on our family and lifestyle.

We realise that this may come as a shock to some of you, but we feel that after four years serving in these two roles, it is time for others to carry the group forward into the future. Therefore these positions will be vacant and will need to filled by other persons in the group. If no one fills these roles then the group will unfortunately fold.

Our last event will be Saturday 15th June at the BYO Pizza Oven evening commencing at 5 pm. The first hour will be an AGM to discuss the future of the group and put forward any nominations that may have been received. All nominations to be received by Saturday 8th June 2013.”

This has not been an easy one for us.  As founding members of this community group, to take a step back and reassess our lives is a big deal.  We found that we have been running at full throttle for far too long.  This could have been part of the reason for illnesses, and the like.

Anyway, I hope that a few people step up and take on these roles, as I would hate to see the group fold.  But if that is what happens, then so be it.  It has been great fun, but tiring.

So that is our news.  I think it will be a shock to a few.


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    Hey Gavin,

    Good Move mate.

    I served on a few committees including the ATA for many years and, while it is hard to let go sometimes, it is really important to know when to stop and let someone else take the reigns.

    I can tell you now that you will both continue to enjoy the respect and friendship of those in the group and you will both relish to the new found freedom to contribute in other ways as (extra)ordinary members.


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    Gavin I am in a couple of community groups and succession is an important issue. Just because you are stepping down does not mean you will not be able to be a part of it as well. That might be reassuring to the people who take over. Sometimes I think people hesitate as they feel they might get deserted.

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    Many of the community groups I’ve been involved in have 2-year limits on key Committee roles (president, secretary, treasurer). It helps people avoid burnout, but it also helps the group stay fresh and resilient, and ensures more people contribute.

    One particular club I was involved with for a while had the same president for over 10 years. She was great, and everyone liked her, but the club took on her personality and there were many potential activities that the club didn’t even consider because she wouldn’t have supported them. I think they missed out on some good opportunities.

    Are you guys resigning completely from the group, or just from the committee?

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      Hi Darren. I agree. I should have stepped down last year, but there were no nominations for either role.

      Sadly we are resigning completely. We need some space to ourselves for a little while we recharge and regroup. 4 years is a long time.


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    Dear Gavin. I am a very new reader of your Blog and do not know you personally. But the previous 5 comments say it all.. other people need to step to the plate, you need time to do other things and people need to realise HOW hard it is to start a movement and keep it going..
    I wish you and your family many happy hours of taking care of your selves with a lot of fun thrown in as well.
    Best wishes from London.
    Sara & GeeGee

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    Its hard to find time to be self-sufficient and to teach others, you do so much already with this blog and what you’ve started with the group, I hope that some others will decide its their turn to take the lead.

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    Hi Gavin and Kim,

    You need time for you both. It’s easy in marriage to think you’re together all the time, but in reality you’re not as your time is divided else where. good for you both, take time to be together

    froogs xxxxx

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      Hi Froogs. I certainly do enjoy Kim’s company. The great thing about being President and Secretary is that all our activities were together.

      Gav x

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    Hi Gavin and Kim,
    Having held positions in several groups over the years, I can see where you are coming from. I told myself that I would only do them as long as I could give it my all, but after that it was time for some fresh members to step up to the plate. Quite often it is only a small portion of any group that takes care of business and it can be exhausting after a while.
    Take care

  8. Anonymous says

    ya know what? you’ve started something really important. you’ve planted the seed, and now it’s up to the members to help it grow. i think of it as teaching a child the skills he/she needs to thrive and then once they’re ready – letting them go. don’t feel bad for stepping down- be proud of the work you have started!! :-)

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    I can completely understand where you are coming from. It is sad, but also it is giving someone else the opportunity to shine and take over the baton.

    change is good, when it is planned and to help with stress levels and family home balance.

    Good luck

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