Happy Easter!

For those of you who get a break this time of year, I hope you are having a resting or active time, whatever be your fancy.

Having recovered from the unknown ailment, with no sign of shingles for the last four days, I would say that I am out of the woods.  Still taking aspirin as recommended by the GP, but no sign of any of the symptoms that I had on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.

Speaking of crossed, on Friday, Kim whipped up a batch of home made hot cross buns, which we have been snacking on with herbal tea all weekend.  Here they are all cooling on the rack after Kim glazed them.  The taste of all spice and cinnamon was delicious.  Certainly beats the palm oil tainted buns that the big supermarkets were trying to flog!

After a solid days work of tidying up on the chook-house and pool parts of  the garden, we had a simple dinner is steamed fish and veggies.  Later, I made mozzarella for the family, who have been eating it as a snack with crackers whenever it takes their fancy.

Yesterday, I worked my butt off in the veggie patch.  I managed to harvest the last of the tomatoes, mostly broad ripple yellow current and a few tommy toes.  All the spent vines were composted, and the beds prepared for onions and garlic which I shall be planting tomorrow.  The pumpkins were harvested as well, with only 1 Aussie Butter, 1 Butternut, and 1 Qld Blue to show for all my efforts.  The summer heat was a killer.  There is one more Aussie Butter to be picked, but I am waiting for it to grow a little more.

I also harvested these beautiful eggplants (aubergines).  The cultivar is called Listada di Gandia, and I have been saving the seeds for five years now.  It is just a nice as the normal long purple cultivars, but far less susceptible to getting burnt in the extreme heat of summer.

In addition, I pruned the dead branches off the citrus trees, pruned the thornless loganberry, and trimmed and collected seed from the Warragul greens (NZ spinach).

Today, I worked two shifts at the local Bunnings BBQ run by the Melton Sustainable Living Group.  Always good fun, but we didn’t raise as much funds as expected with the takings being over $600 down from normal.  Looks like we will have to write a few grant applications for our projects this year instead of relying on our own fundraising.  Not to worry.  There are lots of organisations who throw grants at groups like ours.

There is a bit more work to do tomorrow afternoon, however we are going to Ballan to visit Jessie who writes at “rabbidlittlehippy“.  Looking forward to the lovely gift of organic chocolate she offered me, and a look at her chooks and ducks!

So far, a very grounding and relaxing weekend.

How about you?  Anything exciting happening in your garden or kitchen?


  1. says

    I made hot cross buns too except I get a bit lazy and leave the crosses off. I have not been blogging due to a holiday in Melbourne and computer dramas but it looks like things are back on track now. Glad to hear you are on the mend and I am looking forward to listening to your pod cast. I just purchased a book called peak oil survival which I am looking forward to reading too. I have also been making some cheese more feta and I have tried one called Bondon which I will take out from under it’s weight today.

  2. Anonymous says

    Could we have Kim’s recipe for HCBs please? I’d love to make some but want a tried and trusted recipe. Jenni

  3. Anonymous says

    Glad there’s been no sign of shingles. A friend in Tatura has been suffering for over a month with them! I have been working over Easter but still managed to clean out the chookshed one morning before work
    I have spent the other mornings before work encouraging the recently acquired chooks to free range for a bit. A friend and I went to our first chook auction last weekend at Kyneton. I took pity on 2 ISA browns, who are 14 months old and past their peak laying but they are both still popping out eggs, and 2 Welsummers. It has been interesting seeing the newbies venturing outside the confines of the run

    After today I am set for 4 days off. I will bee helping a friend remove a bee colony from a fence on one of those days. That should bee interesting
    Claire in kalorama

  4. says

    Oh I am so jealous of those homemade hot cross buns that Kim made. I made some too and they looked beautiful but I put 3 table spoons of salt in them instead of 3 teaspoons – result the goats had a lovely Easter breakfast.
    Glad you are feeling a bit better.x

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