Good News Everyone

Well dear readers, I just visited my GP.

Thankfully there were no issues in the blood work, so it was either a virus that knocked me for six, or shingles in a few days. Numbness has turned into pain which is to be expected, but no telltale rash as yet.

I rested in bed all day and night yesterday, sleeping for well over 18 hours. Looks like my body was telling me to slow down. Candle burning at both ends will have to cease, and my after hours activities will need to go on the back burner for a week until I am fully rested.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt well wishes and overwhelming support over the last two days. It really helped me fret less.

Anyway, I am on the train now, inching to slowly towards work. I promise you that I will be taking it easy.

Rock on the Easter break for a relaxing long weekend. Some nice easy work in the veggie patch will be good, grounding medicine.

Thanks again

Yours in greening,

Gav x


  1. Anonymous says

    Great news, Gavin.When are you having a holiday from everything? Stress can lower the immune system – even a little stress over a long period. I have found that keeping track of the unfolding economic, climate and energy crisis can be stressful in a ‘slow cook’ kind of way. Sometimes it’s good to just have a break from it all.

  2. says

    gosh, I hope you are feeling better. I have had chicken pox and shingles. the shingles hurt like hell. I have a small area that is still marked, where it was.

    get well soon and take it easy.


  3. says

    I am so glad to hear it’s nothing serious. I hope the rest helps and that you’re back on your feet by the end of the break or sooner.
    P.S. I just made a batch of that wonderful raw and organic “healthy” chocolate again. Shall I bring you some? 😉

  4. says

    Glad that you can now relax over Easter. Imagine not getting results and wondering what if all weekend. Kim (and you) must have been very worried. Dont eat too many easter eggs – Cheers.

  5. Anonymous says

    should you be traveling on public transport and be at work if there is a chance of you being contagious ?

    • says

      Hi Anon,

      It is contagious if you have not previously had chicken pox. However, it is not spread by airborne, and if I do get any rash or sores, that is the time that it is contagious, if and only if someone touches these sores who has not had the chicken pox vaccine.

      I am very careful who I let touch me (as we all are) :-)


  6. Anonymous says

    Thank goodness
    I have been so worried
    glad to hear the news about your heart
    and no stroke either
    soooooo sorry about the shingles
    have a great Easter at home with family
    Love mum

  7. Bungy says

    Poor love – not comfortable. If it does turn out to be shingles, take the anti-virals for sure, and the lingering pain or itch or prickling (different for everyone) can be best managed with Zovirax cream (which has the grace to be capsaicin, i.e. chilli-based, but also really works at a clinical level for neuropathic pain or itch).

  8. says

    Glad to hear the tests were good. A shingles rash can be anywhere, the face, the arm, the trunk. If you see a blister, go directly in for the anti-virals, and it will be a short illness.
    Try to relax over the Easter holiday too, that never hurts :-)

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