Bit of a Turn

Not a green post at all, but I had to get this down.  I had a bit of a shock to the system today.

I left work early because I was experiencing tingling and numbness on the left hand side of my face, and pain in my left shoulder.  To add to that weirdness, I wasn’t feeling well yesterday afternoon either, feeling faint for about 30 minutes.  However after a drink of water I felt much better.

Called Kim to book an appointment with my regular GP, but he was unavailable, so I managed to get in quickly with an equally nice doctor.  After I told him what was going on, he looked concerned and quickly ordered me to the pathology department to get an ECG and Cardiac enzyme blood tests.

I started to feel a little anxious, because I new that I had symptoms of a stroke.  Yes folks, quite serious.

The ECG was looked okay, however was inconclusive, so they rushed off the blood work to be tested.  I was told that it is probably not a stroke or minor heart attack, and more likely the start of shingles!  But being a cautious doctor, he told me to start taking aspirin to thin the blood.  Wonderful!  Just have to wait for the rash to appear (if it ever does), to get treatment.

So now I rest at home, not doing a heck of a lot, waiting to see him again on Thursday morning for results.  His parting words to me were that if it got worse, call 000 (911).  Nice.

I feel like a bit of a ticking time bomb, sitting here with a numb face feeling sorry for myself.  If you think I feel bad, you can imagine how Kim felt during the whole episode.  Not pretty.

Look.  I feel okay(ish), but a bit worrisome.  I am sure I will be fine.

Sorry for bringing you down.

Gav x


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    Hi Gavin. You seem to have had more comments on this post than many of your others!

    If not shingles, take heed with these warning signs; slow down and take care of yourself. I had a stroke last year with NO warning and no cause or misfunction that they have ever been able to detect. I took it as a big hint to look after myself much better.

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    Heya Gavin. Hope you’re up and running 100% real soon and that the news is the best possible re the blood results. Mend well :)

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    Hi Gavin, I had a very similar experience about two weeks ago and thought the worst when I could not feel the left side of my face and had pain down my left arm. Turns out I had an adverse reaction to a pain kiler I had taken, what a relief! However, it has made me think about what I am doing and the way that I have inadvertently overloaded myself. This is another reminder to me that I need to take a break, I cannot fix everything, no matter how much I want to. I hope that your recent episode is just such a reminder :)

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    Hi Gavin, I am so sorry to hear of your medical struggles but I have faith you will overcome! I don’t write comments regularly but I do love having and email blog post from you daily in my inbox. Take care!!

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    Gavin, Sorry to hear you are having some health issues. If you are still not feeling right second opinion might be a good thing. Sending prayers and good wishes your way.

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    Take care and nothing you can do but wait so you may as well rest and try not to stress. May be something minor yet. Thinking of you.

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    Sending good health thoughts your way, Gavin. At very least, take the opportunity to rest some, and boost your immune system.

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin
    Hope you are feeling better today and you have found out what is wrong. I am with Kathy on this one as I thought Bell Palsy too if not a stroke or tumour. Good luck with it all.
    Please put an update up so we know how you are going
    Janette Rice

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    Yikes Gavin, that’s no good. My Dad has Shingles at the moment, but was lucky to get onto the medication immediately after the rash appeared which lessons the symptoms significantly. He actually thought he was having a heart attack before the rash came appeared, the upside being that having all the ECGs etc showed him that his heart is very healthy! Best wishes for it being something easy to fix and a speedy recovery!

    Oh and FWIW, it took two days for the rash to appear after his initial “heart” issues.

    Cheers, Julie xx

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    Gavin, having lived through ten years of watching a husband die with brain cancer I learned a few things.
    #1. The fact that you now have symptoms means you now have symptoms. The issue that is causing the problem was in your body for a while. The time it takes to get the test results will not be harmful, only nerve-wracking.
    #2 As soon as you get a diagnosis, get your butt in gear and research like crazy. Go to the next doctor appointment with a written list of questions. Get a second opinion if you do not like the way the doctor responds to your need to be informed.
    #3. Make decisions slowly. Not weeks slow, but take a day or two to dig more and understand. Always ask what the long term results of any treatment are.
    I may think of more but those 3 are important. Just know you WILL get through this.

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    Shingles can be a sign of having a low immune system so take the time to keep those feet up, snooze in the chair and relax. I hope it’s just a funny turn with nothing further coming of it and I’m so glad it’s not a stroke. Take care and hope you’re feeling a lot better really this morning.

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    Oh my. Hope it all turns out ok. Not knowing exactly what it is is always a bit worrying, and the fact that they always test for heart stuff based on the slightest symptoms (for which I’m grateful, but….), always gives one a bit of a jolt. Take care, let us know the scoop when you’re ready.

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    Take care Gavin! I agree with getting a second opinion. Yes, there are anti-virals for shingles, but they must be started during the first 48 hrs to be effective (this happened to me).

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    I had shingles when I was 18! Now (I think) they have meds for it – at least to dull the discomfort. While shingles aren’t fun, better that than the heart attack or stroke options…here’s hoping it’s just a weird anomaly.

    The tingling and numbness in your face did make me think of Bell’s palsy. My mom had that a couple years ago. Basically the whole side of her face went numb and the muscles went slack. It’s caused by inflammation in a nerve that controls the muscles. It eventually clears up on its own, but the Dr. did give her prednisone too, if memory serves. Bell’s makes it hard to drink or speak clearly. As I recall, when it first started, she too thought she might be having a stroke.

    In any event, I hope it’s all sorted out and you’re on the mend soon!

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    A problem shared is a problem halved. Hope its nothing too serious though both options are not attractive. Check out Noelle’s Funny on today’s post – it will give you a laugh. Cheers

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    Hope you are feeling better soon Gavin, If you are not happy with the diagnosis, can you get a second opinion? It is always worth a try. My dad recently had shingles and felt really miserable from it. Rest up while you can.

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    That’s no good Gavin, I know what you mean about waiting and wondering if you’ll be ok, its the worst part. We have a sick dog at the moment, I know its not the same scale, but I’m doing plenty of worrying. I hope you’re going to be ok and can take some time to relax and recover. Cheers, Liz

  18. Janet says

    I’ve had shingles twice. I figured it was a sign to slow down and reassess my lifestyle and stresses at that time. Take it easy, Gavin, and use the time productively to look at how things are going for you and what, if anything, needs to change to make life better. It may be a simple matter of finding balance.

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin
    Hope the news is all good and it’s just a weird ‘thing’ and not shingles either
    At least you did the right thing and went to the doctor (unlike a lot of blokes, who think it will all be ok)
    Take it easy
    Claire in Kalorama

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