All Cheesed Out

What a great weekend!

I ran a “Preserving Demonstration” and discussion on Saturday with the Melton Sustainable Living Group.

We talked about the water bath method, blanching, solar drying, vacuum packing, and canning. My friend Stacey and I have the main demonstration, then everyone joined in with their own experience or questions.

Then it was general business where we discussed verge/medium strip gardening.

But where is the cheese, you ask?

Well, I did cut up a 2 year old Parmesan for the demo and show how to vac-PAC it, however that was not all the cheesy action this weekend.

I have been working feverishly to get my cheese making eBook finished. I finished work at 00:10 this morning!

“Keep Calm and Make Cheese is now in its second draft, ready for editing and illustration! Kim now gets to weave her magic to help make this beginners guide come alive.

So a few more weeks editing, proof reading and corrections and it will be ready to publish.

I am very excited. Are you?

Don’t forget that you can sign up to the notification mailing list to be informed when the cheese book is released.  Details below;

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  1. Penny Duthie says

    Looking forward to the book and would have loved to have been at the preserving demonstration!!

  2. says

    Absolutely, looking forward to it to the book. Go visit Jessie on rabitlittlehippy as we are trying to name a rooster’s breed. Its pretty and noisy but its too good for the chop.

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