Happy Easter!


For those of you who get a break this time of year, I hope you are having a resting or active time, whatever be your fancy.Having recovered from the unknown ailment, with no sign of shingles for the last four days, I would say that I am out of the woods.  Still taking aspirin as recommended by the GP, but no sign of any of the symptoms that I had on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.Speaking of   [Continue Reading …]

Good News Everyone


Well dear readers, I just visited my GP. Thankfully there were no issues in the blood work, so it was either a virus that knocked me for six, or shingles in a few days. Numbness has turned into pain which is to be expected, but no telltale rash as yet. I rested in bed all day and night yesterday, sleeping for well over 18 hours. Looks like my body was telling me to slow down. Candle burning at   [Continue Reading …]

Bit of a Turn

Not a green post at all, but I had to get this down.  I had a bit of a shock to the system today. I left work early because I was experiencing tingling and numbness on the left hand side of my face, and pain in my left shoulder.  To add to that weirdness, I wasn't feeling well yesterday afternoon either, feeling faint for about 30 minutes.  However after a drink of water I felt much   [Continue Reading …]

Is Nuclear the Answer to Climate Change?


The other day I received a comment on the post "Call To Country" from Rachel, who asked;Hi Gavin,  I wonder what your position is on nuclear power as an alternative energy source? I have always been opposed to it but studying my Masters in Sustainability has opened my eyes to lots of things including the myths around nuclear power. DecarboniseSA is an advocacy website (not run by me!) which   [Continue Reading …]

Our Earth Hour 2013


It was a simple affair.  Candles.  A beautiful sunset.  Chatting with Ben and Kim talking about life in general.  Very peaceful, and electricity free!It was so nice in fact, that we are going to go lights out more often, even though we are on 100% renewable energy here at home.  It was the mood and the company that we enjoyed the most, so we want to capture it again and   [Continue Reading …]

I’m Switching Off

And so are many others.  Switching off for Earth Hour.We're switching off and switching on to renewable energy. Watch the video.  You may get a surprise and see someone you know!How about you?  Are you switching off for Earth Hour?Join my family and I, and many millions of others on 8.30pm on Saturday 23rd March, all around the globe.  Pledge below, to make a stand for   [Continue Reading …]

Curds and Whey


Today's post is over at the Little Green Cheese and is about Curds.Readers have been wondering why curds are cut at different sizes for different types of cheese, so I documented the facts in a post called "Cut Curd Size".Then, one of my Canadian cheese making friends asked what the term Flocculation meant, so I wrote another post titled "Flocculation Method For A Better Curd".That's   [Continue Reading …]

An Introduction to Sustainable Living


If anyone is interested in hearing me talk about how it all started, and what we have achieved so far, then join me tomorrow night here in Melton West.Kim and I would love to meet you if you live close by.  The more the merrier!Details below.An Introduction to Sustainable Living Ever wondered how to start living a more sustainable lifestyle? Come along and hear Gavin Webber (award   [Continue Reading …]

Veggie Roast


Hands up if you love a good roast dinner?  Keep your hands up if you think that a roast is still possible without meat?  I saw a few hands go down then.  So what if I told you that it was extremely possible to make a roast dinner without any meat!  It is true, look at the picture below.  Yorkshire puddings, home-grown roast potatoes, steamed carrots,   [Continue Reading …]

Earth Hour This Saturday


Yes dear readers.  It is that time of the year again, and this years Earth Hour has a fantastic theme.Switch off for good, and switch on to renewable energy!I wholeheartedly support this global campaign, as I do every year, because it makes people think.  Individuals can make a difference.Sure you may get a the odd person who thinks that turning off your lights for an hour a   [Continue Reading …]

All Cheesed Out

What a great weekend! I ran a "Preserving Demonstration" and discussion on Saturday with the Melton Sustainable Living Group. We talked about the water bath method, blanching, solar drying, vacuum packing, and canning. My friend Stacey and I have the main demonstration, then everyone joined in with their own experience or questions. Then it was general business where we discussed verge/medium   [Continue Reading …]

Call To Country


Our country will end up being just one big hole in the ground.  Grant another coal mining licence here, grant another Coal Seam Gas (CSG) well there.  When will it stop?When our climate gets so hot that other countries will force sanctions upon us to stop the export of these fossil fuels?  When our water tables become so polluted that we cannot drink it?Both fossil fuels are equally   [Continue Reading …]

Bloody Heat!


I am over it!  Stinking hot days, and sultry hot nights.  Can't work in the garden.  Can't sleep well at night.Summer was supposedly over twelve days ago and all we have had since then is unseasonably hot weather.  The maximum temperature at our home on Monday was 37.8C (100F).  Today, the temperature is now passed above 30C so it has just   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 033 – The Benefits of Wind Power


During the Sustainable Living Festival, I had the pleasure to attend a talk given by members of the Victorian Wind Alliance. The presenters talked about the benefits of Wind Power and the real facts behind this type of renewable energy. I really enjoyed the details within the talks regarding community ownership, and community support. I recorded two of the presenters which I have included   [Continue Reading …]

Peak Oil and Economic Contraction


Now that we have reached the bumpy plateau of Peak Oil, the inevitable economic contraction awaits us.As you know, I am an advocate of re-localisation.  I have written many posts about Peak Oil, and the suburban fiasco that awaits us.  The time to re-localise is now, not a few years in the future, because it takes time to learn the post peak oil skills   [Continue Reading …]

Our Soap Making Workshop


Sunday was busy, busy, busy.Kim and I taught our first public soap making workshop! It was over-subscribed, which was great news for us which tells us that there is a lot of interest in the course, so there is an overflow session which will be on Sunday 28th April so that no one misses out. We now have a dedicated green workshop site - Little Green Workshops (www.littlegreenworkshops.com.au) that   [Continue Reading …]