She’s Alive

Yes, Gaia is, and she is hurting.

Surely she is worth saving in all her glory?  What do you say?


    • says

      That is correct Anon. However her capacity to support us will not a given, just as it was after the asteroid hit Earth 65 million years ago. It was a pretty shitty time then as well, just ask the Dinosaurs. Oh, that’s right, they went extinct, just like we trying to do to ourselves.

      Is that a good thing? Who knows.

  1. tiffany says

    i was flabbergasted when a friend of mine said they were going to see christopher monckton!!(sp?).. i had previously assumed she believed in climate change.. my opinion is regardless of climate science we should do the right thing environmentally and ethically.. the vid was a reminder… so beautiful and so very sad.

  2. says

    Damn you made me cry again Gavin! All those people killed for protecting humanity against itself; and for protecting the environment, not because it was economically valuable or an asset but because we can’t, literally, live without it. Maybe one day we’ll grow up and build monuments to them and the species we’ve wiped out.

    Another great post thanks :-)

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