New eBook Artwork

I really enjoy creating eBook covers, and definitely believe that the old adage is not true;

People really do judge a book by its cover!

So to that end, I decided to give my very first book “The Greening Of Gavin – My First Year Of Living Sustainably” a facelift.
Here is what I came up with.
Old Cover
New Cover

I have run this change past my artistic director, Kim, who gave me some tips and feedback.  After a bit of tweaking, I received a big thumbs up from her Ladyship.  It is more lighter, brighter, and easier to read when smaller.  I have replaced the old cover at all retailers, which didn’t take too long at all.
You see, that is one of the great things about being an independent self-publishing author.  You can change things as you go along, and make improvements to the cover, and make as many book revisions as you like and upload them when you like.  You have total control over your publication’s fate, which is very similar in a way to blogging.
By the way, you can find the book blurb and details of numerous retailers of this and my three other books at my eBookstore tab under the title bar.
Happy for any feedback via comment (which is another luxury of being a self-publishing author), good or bad, I welcome it all. 


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin!
    I’m Natalia from Brasil. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I really enjoy it! As a designer, the cover has a problem for me, because it covers almost all the picture you are in. And it’s a really nice picture. If you want, send me the picture and your logo and I can make another option for you (for free, don’t worry..the whole blog thing is about sharing ideas here, right?) Besides, that’s very easy for me. :) What’s your e-mail?

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