TGoG Podcast 031 – 5 Years Old and Giveaway

TGOG+podcast+logo+new+1400+v2Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!  I have been writing now for five years about my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Am I there yet?  Well, the answer is no, and I have recently admitted to myself that I may never get to the end of my journey, ever.  Which, of course, is fine by me, and probably fine by you dear reader, because it means that I keep writing.

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So, to mark the event, I recorded a podcast, in which I talk about why I started the blog, how far it has travelled stats wise, how I write, and how I have introduced other forms of media to keep the format interesting.  It is a bit of a how-to-blog podcast.  I hope you take the time to listen.

To celebrate this anniversary/birthday, I have a gift for one lucky reader.  I am going to give away a copy of each of my four books.  Yes that is all the books that I have written over the past eight months.

All you have to do to enter the give-away is to leave a comment telling me why you read this blog, and then either “like” via Google+ or Facebook (buttons on the sidebar).

If you are already a follower, still leave a comment so you can be in the competition.  I will be checking for valid entries before I randomly select a winner.  Pretty easy competition this!

Once the winner is drawn, send me an email, and I will reply with the coupon for the eBooks.

Here is to the next five years.  Onward and upwards, as they say!

Addendum: The competition will be drawn on Wednesday 20th February (Australian Eastern Summer Time), so you still have time to enter if you want to win the 4 eBooks.  
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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!

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  1. says

    Happy Anniversary! I read this blog to get ideas and inspiration – and especially because I can get my gardening “fix” when it’s cold and snowy here in Canada, thanks to our opposite seasons :)

    I follow on your Facebook page!

  2. says

    Wow congratulations, well done on all your fantastic posts. Ive been reading your blog for years now. probably nearly the 5 years.

    Excellent. You write for another 5 years and I will eagerly await each post!

  3. says

    Happy anniversary. I first found your blog about three years ago when I was looking for more information of cheesemaking. I then when back to the start and read it form the beginning and have followed it daily since. As we live in the same state much of the gardening is relevant ( although, you would be surprised at the difference in growing conditions even though we are only two hours from you). This morning I have been over to the cheese blog as I am making swiss for the first time.
    Best wishes to you and your lovely family on the continuation of your journey

  4. says

    Hello Gavin,
    Happy Blogiversary!!
    The road to sustainability and simplicity is fraught with bumps and potholes. I read your blog to know that I am not alone in my wish to have a happy, safe and green life. Although I would do it anyway, it helps to know that there are others working towards the same goals! Best wishes, Gavin and family!
    Barb from Canada

  5. says

    Gavin I have been following your blog for ages, and keep incorporating little bits of what you do into my lifestyle. I wish I had a bigger garden, more time, etc, but the good thing is that I know your blog is there for a reference when I need it. How wonderful it would be to have all that information on your books close at hand.

  6. says

    Happy blogversary Gavin! I’ve been reading for probably four years, my latest journey with you is the cheese one as your further down that road than I am. All the best for the next five.

  7. says

    Congratulations Gavin – I have been following for a while and really appreciate the effort you put into your blog. What a wonderful resource it is. What did we do before all you lovely bloggers shared your knowledge with us. I have bought a couple of your books already but just wanted to show my appreciation. Joy

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin, I initially found you via your wonderful cheesemaking exploits on Youtube. Since then I have been an avid follower, I comment rarely but read every post. Congratulations on reaching the five year mark and I hope to be reading the next five years and beyond. I have the e-books I need already but wanted to give you my two penneth worth. Keep up the good fight!

    Jo, Auckland NZ

  9. Anonymous says

    I found you when I read about you in Grass Roots. I like that fact that you are atypical for most suburbanites in the greater Melbourne area. I can relate as my former suburban house block was atypical (no grass mowing due to chickens, solar power, fruit and veg etc)
    My new semi urban block is progressing nicely and it’s good to read how you keep progressing also. As a foodie I love to read what you make to eat and drink and your limoncello recipe is very popular with the permie group
    Claire in kalorama

  10. says

    Hi Gavin,
    I follow you for so many reasons. For how to’s. For inspiration. As a nearly a neighbour who is into the same stuff as we are. For guidance. How many times have I thought “I want to do XXX but I don;t know how. I wonder how Gavin does it”. For informative entertainment. I love reading about all that you do and how you do it.
    I can’t actually remember how I found your blog. It might have been whilst googling how to do something but once I found it I was hooked within minutes!
    I have Google+ as I am no longer on Facebook.
    Keep up the amazing work and incredible inspiration. And congratulations!

  11. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin,I found you when I googled “Cheese Making” I had watched a few different ones when I came across yours, and want to thankyou for making it simple. I have not made cheese before but have been thinking about it for sometime. Since seeing your Youtube demo I am really keen to give it a go. I have added you to my favorites so I can find you easily, and cant wait to see the finished product. Thank you for taking the time to share your cheese making talent with us. Now Im off to read about all the other wonderful things you do.

    Barb…From Cambridge NZ

  12. says

    While, what a milestone. I cant believe that you can work full time and yet still have time to not only write a blog but run courses and put it all into practice. You must have been a woman in another life – such multitasking! LOL. Whatever, keep it up. There are many who use your work as a resource and for me in particular its knowing that you are managing all this in a suburban backyard and dont have acres to play with. I also want to congratulate your wife and family too. Without their help and support – you wouldnt be able to achieve all that you have. Big Hug of Support and Thanks.

  13. says

    Goodness five years already. Happy bloganniversary Gavin. I read your blog because it’s down to earth common sense advice and as a wonderful resource for the “what if or can I” questions. I sincerely hope you continue to blog. You are an inspiration. Well done.

  14. says

    Hi Gavin, I found you about 3 years ago and was initially taken in by your profile “An ordinary bloke who has an epiphany and…..does lots of things that aren’t ordinary”. I love watching your garden grow and am really impressed by Kim and rest of the family who have joined the ride.

    Thanks – you really are an inspiration :)

  15. says

    Hi Gavin, you already know I’ve been following for ages…:)

    Why? Your journey is so realistic. You do things a bit at a time, fitted into your work and family life. Your passion to get the word and doability of the lifestyle out to your community (both cyber and in Melton!). I live on the other side of the world, different climate, different land, but still learn so much when I visit your blog.

    Happy Blog Birthday!


  16. says

    Hi Gavin, long time follower here :)

    I think I found you not too long after starting my own blog in December 2007. I like to visit here because we have similar interests, and I know I can always learn something from you and incorporate it into my lifestyle.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your five years!! I hope you have plenty more inspiration to share with us.


  17. says

    Congratulations Gavin, five years young!
    Always a great read. Keep inspiring and looking forward. Well done, so many already changed.
    Cheers Katrina

  18. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin

    I follow your blog because…… 30 years and more ago when I was about your age I did (and still do) most of the things you do now, though at that time global sustainability wasn’t the issue it is today. So in watching you through your blog I am vicariously watching myself. Gardening, composting, chickens, bees, plumbing, electrical, brick-laying to name a few, are things I used to do and I love to see you, Gavin, going through the same processes I went through. My motivation was more on the lines of – if a bricklayer can lay bricks, then so can I. My policy all my life has been to pass on the skills I have learnt, and that is exactly what you do too. It was when I got interested in making my own cheese and found your YouTube videos that gave me the confidence to actually make cheese myself, and now I am teaching others. It was from your cheese videos that I found your blog and I have been a devotee ever since.

    Congratulations on 5 years and may you have many more. The funny thing is, I am always disappointed when I click on greeningofgavin and get yesterday’s post. I look forward to something new every day and realise that that must be a very hard act for you to maintain.

    David – in Canada

  19. says

    Love the blog . This sustainable lifestlye we aspire too is not an easy one but one worth putting in the hard work for , you dont sugar coat it which is what I admire. Thank you for a great blog and your varied content , its why I follow. Happy 5th birthday .

    Jody- NSW

  20. says

    Happy 5th and many more I hope. I especially anjoy the gardening and solar power news as I do a lot of gardening and want to get into the solar part soon. Your posts keep me inspired. Thanks for the giveaway drawing.

  21. says

    As you know, I’ve been following you since forever! The thing I like most is that you’re a normal Aussie bloke, just like me. Not an academic, or a city yuppie who just discovered the slow food movement or something. Your ideas and projects are down to earth, practical, and make sense for the average person to tackle.

    Great stuff, and here’s to the next 5 years!

  22. Anonymous says

    Keep up the good work of spreading how to live a cleaner greener and healthier lifestyle. I found your blog several years ago I think through Rhonda Jean via Down to Earth. I like the way you share your knowledge via the blog workshops podcasts workshops and any other way you think you can share with other people. I like the blog on Solar Frugal Haircuts as we having been using this method for years when we are travelling in our caravan using our panels then batteries and through the inverter and can cut our hair whereever we are..
    Just enjoy reading what you write and use your information as I can.

  23. says

    Congratulations Gavin to you and your family. Can’t believe so much time has gone by. Found you years ago and follow you for your humour, information resource and that you inspire me on my own urban adventure to sustainability. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  24. says

    I certainly was listening! Really love your work Gav – your passion is just inspiring. I really enjoyed this podcast, my best wishes to you and your family for the next 5 years. – Michael.

  25. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin

    Happy 5th Birthday and congratulations for a fantastic effort on an excellent blog that just keeps getting better and better. We read your blog for inspiring and practical ideas, for nourishing our sustainable spirits and for community. It is good to know that people like you share the same goals and aspirations for a sustainable life as we do and that we are not alone in what we are striving for.
    With much gratitude Jane Robinson

  26. says

    Gavin we check your blog daily and are addicted! We get a lot of energy and ideas from you that we use in our own lives. You inspire and encourage and you make sense. Keep up the good work. You are changing our world one reader at a time. Happy Birthday.

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