The Coffee Oracle


Where we live, water is not as abundant as it once was.  We have had one significant rain event for the entire Summer.  Only 55 mm (2 inches) of rain in three months. With empty rainwater tanks at around the mid January mark, my veggie patch and fruit trees were on life-support until two days ago.  It finally rained.  Enough rain in one day to refill both tanks.   [Continue Reading …]

Curd Cutter Instructions

Today's post is over at the Little Green Cheese.  My cheese pal, David, kindly gave permission for me to post the instructions on how to construct the curd cutter (aka cheese harp) that you may have seen in a few of my cheese making video tutorials.One of the curd cutter that David gave me as a gift.So, now all you budding curd nerds need to hit this link to my post titled "Making Your Own   [Continue Reading …]

Death and Destruction for a Fistful of Dollars


A harsh title for a harsh reality.  Our continued fetish for exporting and using coal is killing us and many other species on Earth.  Let me explain.We all know that coal is a fossil fuel that when burnt, releases additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which in turn increases the amount of solar radiation trapped in the Earth's biosphere.  These additional greenhouse   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 032 – Energy Efficiency in the Home


On Tuesday night, I was the guest of the Yarra Plenty Regional Library, specifically the Ivanhoe Library.  I gave a talk about Energy Efficiency in the Home, which was one of the many sustainable living presentations during given during the yearly Sustainable Living Festival. I had a great time, and judging from the notes taken by the audience, and the questions at the end, they enjoyed it   [Continue Reading …]

Making My Soap Box


Who is ready to build a soap box?  No, not to stand on, but to pour home made soap into!Okay, they are probably more technically a soap mould, and much better than getting on ones soap box.Pretty basic design.  I used 13mm (1/2 inch) ply off cuts.  My friend David then brought around his Triton workbench with electric saw attached and we cut up the ply into the right sizes.   [Continue Reading …]

Giveaway Winner!


I must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed with all the TGOG loving that came my way during the competition. So without further adieu, the winner is ....MelindaThank you so much, send me an email and I will send you PDF or ePub versions of each book. However, that's not all folks.  As a big blog birthday treat, I am going to give every single person that left a comment a coupon   [Continue Reading …]

Getting Started with Growing Your Own Food – Interview


Today's post is an interview that I gave to Farmer Liz over at Eight Acres blog. She started a series about growing your own food, which I eagerly volunteered to participate in.Anyway, here is the interview.Today I'm continuing my series of interviews with bloggers who grow their own with an interview with Gavin Webber who writes over at The Greening of Gavin. Gavin grows fruit and veges in   [Continue Reading …]

Free Presentation in Melbourne Tonight!

Don't forget that for those of you who live in Melbourne, I am giving a talk tonight at Ivanhoe Library titled "Energy Efficiency in the Home".It will be great fun, and I guarantee that you will leave with at least one thing you can easily implement yourself.Details below;Energy Efficiency in the HomeDate: TUESDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2013TIME: 7PM - 8PMIvanhoe Library, IVANHOECost: Free   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 031 – 5 Years Old and Giveaway


Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!  I have been writing now for five years about my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Am I there yet?  Well, the answer is no, and I have recently admitted to myself that I may never get to the end of my journey, ever.  Which, of course, is fine by me, and probably fine by you dear reader, because it means that I keep writing. So, to   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Living Festival


It is that time of the year folks when Melbourne puts on one of the best festivals around, and one that is dear to my heart.  Yes, it is time for the Sustainable Living Festival. Technically, this year, it runs from the 9th - 24th February, however it is the Big Weekend that really gets me excited, which is this weekend.  You can find the event guide at this link.You will find   [Continue Reading …]

How to Clip Chicken’s Wings


Read the title again. Not how to cook chicken wings, how to clip chicken’s wings.We have a leghorn hen, Gracie, who has been clucky, and therefore demoted to the bottom of the pecking order by the rest of the big chooks. She is just starting to break out of her broodiness, and has attempted several times to integrate back into the flock. Her integration is causing lots of fights, because Bunty   [Continue Reading …]

Nectarine Jam


Remember those teeny little nectarines that I picked the other day?  Here they are again in case you missed them.Well, it took me the good part of two hours, but I managed to halve them all, remove the stones, and made something quite edible out of them.Nectarine Jam.  I made it the easy way, in our bread-maker.  Here is how I did it.I chopped up 500 gm of fruit in to small   [Continue Reading …]

The Benefits of Growing Heirloom Tomatoes


Ever eaten one of those supermarket tomatoes? You know the kind.  The ones that even a goat wouldn't eat.  The type that you could drive a Mac truck over and it would still look and taste the same.  Grown for transportation and long life, not for taste.Well dear reader, look no further for a solution.  Heirloom tomatoes (also known as Heritage in the UK) just the fruit for you,   [Continue Reading …]

New eBook Artwork


I really enjoy creating eBook covers, and definitely believe that the old adage is not true;People really do judge a book by its cover!So to that end, I decided to give my very first book "The Greening Of Gavin - My First Year Of Living Sustainably" a facelift.Here is what I came up with.Old CoverNew CoverI have run this change past my artistic director, Kim, who gave me some tips   [Continue Reading …]

Little Peaches and Nectarines


It has been a long, dry, growing season this year for stone fruit.Two months without any substantial rainfall is not conducive to large fruit sizes.  Consequently, when Amy and I decided to pick the peaches and nectarines tonight, we were slightly disappointed by the harvest.Luckily, the netting that Ben and I had put in place had worked, and no birds had managed to weasel their way   [Continue Reading …]