TGoG Podcast 030 – eBook Launch: Build Your Own Backyard Clay Oven

TGOG+podcast+logo+new+1400+v2Well folks, the day has finally arrived.  I have been talking about this eBook for over four months, and now the time for talk is over.  It is here!

Introducing my newly published eBook, titled;

Build Your Own Backyard Clay Oven
by Gavin Webber

It seems like just about everyone wants to cook outdoors these days, and what better way to do it than in your very own backyard clay oven.

This book shows how easy it is to make a clay oven from scratch, and includes detailed instructions, with over 60 photographs and illustrations.

It is time for the humble Barbecue and Grill to move over, and for the backyard oven to step into the role of the ‘must build’ outdoor cooking accessory for the 21st century.

As an extra special treat for this eBook launch, I recorded a podcast in which I read the first two chapters for your enjoyment.

Additionally, here is the YouTube video that I created after I built my very own backyard clay oven.  Nine hours of video compressed into just 8 minutes.


The entire process has been a labour of love.  From building the clay oven, to making the video, to writing and self-publishing the eBook.

If anyone would like to review the book, contact me via email, or post a review via the Smashwords book page.  I appreciate all feedback, good or bad.

I think that the best thing of all, I can cook in the oven any time I want, and share it’s output with all my friends!

I hope you enjoy the book launch.

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