Clay Oven eBook Off to the Proof Reader

I realise that a lot of my posts of late have been about my eBooks, and hopefully it is not wearing too thin with you dear reader.

It has been because I have been on holidays and the days have been very hot. I have found myself being unable to do normal outdoor sustainable things, except to keep the garden and chooks alive.

With all this indoor time on my hands, and due to the fact that I don’t watch TV, I have thrown myself into writing to finish off the long awaited backyard clay oven eBook.

Well my friends, it is nearly ready to publish.  I just sent off the manuscript to my Mother-In-Law, Pam, who is a proof reader (aren’t I a lucky SIL).  It should be back to me for the final editing and should be published in about a week.

Also, Kim has done some wonderful technical diagrams for this book as well.  Here is a sample of her work.

They have certainly helped to enhance the eBook, and have added to the overall instructional content.

As always, when it is self-published via Smashwords, Amazon, and available directly as a PDF from me, I will do a book launch post as well as a podcast eBook reading of the first couple of chapters.

I am very excited.  I better get stuck into that cheese making book next!


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      Cheers Sol. Just to let you know that the Kindle edition was approved by Amazon overnight and is now available.

      Great link. I wish we had a community like Totnes here in Australia. The closest we have is a lovely little town called Cygnet in Tasmania, where one of my friends Kate live.

      There are probably others, like Nimbin in NSW but not on the scale like Totnes or Lewes.

      Gav x

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    That looks superb. I have been thinking about a clay oven and talking about attempting to make one with a friend, this e-book will certainly help. Thanks

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      Great idea Kester. I found that many hands made light work during construction, even if it was sometimes just Kim, Ben and I doing the mud stomping! I reckon that you and your friend will enjoy the experience.


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    What a family effort – a self contained publishing house! Your series of ebooks are amazing Gavin. I’d love to build a pizza oven in the backyard so I’ll be getting this one too. Love your work.

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    wow, Kim is a great artist, you make an excellent e-book team! If you ever want to write a post on how to write and publish an e-book, I would appreciate the information…

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      Cheers Liz. I am always in awe of Kim’s artwork.

      I have been thinking about writing a how to post about that subject for a while. Are you specifically after the technical formatting and publishing details or the artistic method I use or both?

      Gav x

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