Burning The Candle…

This lifestyle that I have chosen is not an idle one, which is not a complaint by the way.  It just is the way it is, and I love it.

So what have I been doing, and how do I manage to cram it all into a 24 hour day?

Well my day job takes up a vast majority of the day (2 hours of commuting, 9 hours in the office), so keep that in mind while I list the things I have done so far this week.  By the way, it hasn’t really been a busy one, so maybe I will do this exercise once a month.

  • Saturday – Fed chooks, Made cream cheese, Gardening, Archery Lesson, Cooked dinner for family (veggie curry).
  • Sunday – Fed chooks, Remedial gym session, Rest, research for cheese making book, finish off making cream cheese, Finalised six monthly workshop schedule for Melton Sustainable Living Group with Kim, then wrote and published Blog post.
  • Monday (public holiday) – Fed chooks, Garden maintenance, cleaned out chicken houses, wrote two blog posts and scheduled one on the Little Green Cheese blog, researched soft cheese.
  • Tuesday – Fed chooks, Commute, Work, wrote introduction chapter for cheese making eBook, eBook marketing, researching ideas for future podcasts.
  • Wednesday – Fed chooks, Commute, Work, research for cheese eBook  finished off book 1 of The Rangers Apprentice (thanks Dawn for the recommendation), formatted cheese eBook draft manuscript and added all cheese recipes, harvested dinner with Kim. 
  • Thursday – Fed chooks, Commute, Work, bought some more bird netting for Tomatoes, Committee meeting for Melton Sustainable Living Group, this blog post, start recording new podcast intro.

In amongst all these things listed above, I am constantly looking for new ideas for blog posts, thinking about our rapidly changing climate and resource depletion, and attempting to understand what things may be like in the future (but I don’t let it get me down), when these things hit our society in the face.

Also, as you can see, there is no mention of watching TV in there, because there is no room for it in my busy schedule.  In fact, it is because of the fact that I don’t watch TV that I have the time to do all of these things.  Life just seems a lot fuller, so much more satisfying, and without boredom.

So next time someone asks me how do I manage to fit in all the stuff that I do, I will just point them to this post!  I know from experience that you get so much more of your life back without the idiot box in it!

Are you beginning to get more things done by weaning yourself from TV time?


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    actually, I don’t get it all done. It’s not possible. I’ve been asked that same question ‘how do you get it all done’ (not that I’m special or anything, just kinda trying to fit lots of stuff in to varying degrees) and I have to say I don’t! Some stuff just gets shoved over to make room for other things, things get crossed off the to do list because other things get added on. The brain is never idle and I am thankful for my calendar so I can free up ‘disk space’ in my scone!

    Then I look at those same people who ask me that question and wonder how THEY fit everything in…

    :) So I have decided that despite my intentions, life will never get ‘less busy’ so I have to have a rythym (sp?) and work out what I am fitting in where. And then just accept that’s how it is.

    Except when I’m on my block. one day. I will happily be the old lady with lots of chooks who bakes good biscuits and lives the ‘simple life’ 😉

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    Gavin if a day was 36hours long it would be filled. There are so many awesome things to learn and do in this world, it’s just a matter of how to squish them all in…and I think you do it well!

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    When we moved we decided not to connect the tv. In fact it’s sitting somewhere on the floor behind the boxes and generally in the way along with the rest of the unpacked stuff. We watch what we want on the laptops – usually an episode or 2 of a show in the evenings and the kids get some Thomas the Tank Engine or Bob the Builder on the iPad (we do sounds like gadget people but we’re not really) and that’s it. The only things we’ve missed is the ease of keeping up with the news (internet is easy thought) and the Carols at Christmas time – a tradition that I grew up with. :) We plan for more radio though and I have a lovely old 1950’s radio that is ready for its place of honour now.

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    I use to have the TV on in the background just for the noise. The noise now bothers me. I might watch a handful of hours a week, that’s it. But that’s not to mention watching the odd doco on iView or SBS On Demand, which I don’t consider to be “watching TV” no more than I do a TED Talk or YouTube.

    It is a huge drain on time.

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    My favourite line in the whole post: “harvested dinner with Kim”. Really – that is one of the biggest reasons you have the kind of week you have, isn’t it? And fun books though they are, did it bug you as much as it bugged me that Halt has a cook stove in the 1400’s?

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      And I just love getting most of the ingredients for a meal from only 5 metres from where we cook it!

      The bit about Halt’s cooker did surprise me, but honestly I was more intersted in the stew that he was cooking.

      Gav x

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