Burning The Candle…


This lifestyle that I have chosen is not an idle one, which is not a complaint by the way.  It just is the way it is, and I love it. So what have I been doing, and how do I manage to cram it all into a 24 hour day?Well my day job takes up a vast majority of the day (2 hours of commuting, 9 hours in the office), so keep that in mind while I list the things I have done so far this week.   [Continue Reading …]

Upcoming Presentations and Courses


As I mentioned at the start of the year when I set my personal goals for 2013, I will be getting out from behind the computer monitor more often and presenting or educating more people in person.I really enjoy meeting readers and the interested members of public, and have a few presentations and courses over the next few months.  Unfortunately there are not TV appearances scheduled, but I am   [Continue Reading …]

How To Make Cream Cheese


Who loves cream cheese?  I like it with served with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce or spread on crackers with some sliced heirloom tomato and a basil leaf. Well dear readers, you are going to love this version.  It is so tasty and is easy to make, with very few ingredients unlike processed cream cheese which has a list of ingredients as long as my arm. Like any great cheese, it just   [Continue Reading …]

…Then You Win

Do you think that the fossil fuel power industry's days are slowly coming to an end?Well I hope so, and soon, for the next generations sake.With countries like Germany, who are setting their sights on becoming fossil fuel free for electricity by 2050, the province of Ontario, Canada set to close down their last coal fired power plant at the end of 2014,  and with wind turbines and   [Continue Reading …]

Archery Update


A little off the theme of this blog, but many people have emailed me and asked how our archery has been going.  So here is an update:Early last year, Ben and I decided that Bow Hunting was not for us. Besides the fact that the entire premise of Bow Hunting is to kill animals for sport (not all bow hunters think like this though), which I didn't have too much of an issue with as long as the   [Continue Reading …]

Camembert at Little Green Cheese


Turophiles rejoice!I have cobbled together all of my Camembert notes and experience and documented it all in one place. That place is in a post over on my cheese blog titled (naturally) "Camembert", which is full of white furry, creamy goodness!If you love the thought of some home made Camembert gracing your next cheese platter, then join me over at the Little Green Cheese for today's post.     [Continue Reading …]

Bread and Butter Cucumbers


After harvesting a bumper crop of cucumbers this morning, I decided to make one of my favourite preserves.  Bread and Butter Cucumbers!However, before I started cooked, I weeded out the hard, old yellow cucumbers, whose skins were too tough, cut them in half longways, and fed them to the chickens.  The zucchini in the picture will be grated and frozen for soups and   [Continue Reading …]

The Real Reason Why I Started Living Sustainably


During the last six months, I have been doing a lot of reflection about why I chose to live more sustainably way back in September 2006. I have been reflecting, not because I want to stop living this lifestyle, but because I have been writing my series of sustainable living eBooks and needed to remember exactly how and why it started the way it did.  I also need to come up with something   [Continue Reading …]

Blog Survey Results


A big thank you goes out to all readers who took the time to complete the feedback survey.  I realise there were some issues with Apple iOS users (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac), so sorry about that.  Withstanding that, the participation rate was 40.5%, which is quite good considering the exclusion of many devices.So the results are in, but you can still leave feedback if you like. Click to   [Continue Reading …]

Blog Survey


I have been out of action lately with an illness, so I would like to use this downtime collecting ideas and information from you, dear readers.As this blog is about how we live a sustainable lifestyle, with a big heart and sense of community, I am always looking for ways to improve the way that articles are posted.  Sometimes I lean too much towards a certain topic, and I realise that of late   [Continue Reading …]

Growing Sweet Corn


Corn (Maize) is normally classed as a grain, however this variety, Sweet Corn, can be eaten as a vegetable. As a vegetable it would have to be one of the most delicious veggies grown fresh.  Store bought, so called fresh, sweet corn is always found lacking due to one important fact.  After harvesting corn cobs, the sugars in the corn rapidly convert to starch, unless you eat it raw   [Continue Reading …]

Climate Change Killed My Cheese


Yes a wild claim, but true.I have had to remove all cheese from my cheese fridge and put it into the normal refrigerator until the weather cools down again in Autumn.  With the cheese fridge hovering at a temperature of 25°C during our record breaking, anthropogenic, climate change induced, heat wave over the last few weeks, it is not working as it should.  I hope the cheese recovers!All   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 030 – eBook Launch: Build Your Own Backyard Clay Oven


Well folks, the day has finally arrived.  I have been talking about this eBook for over four months, and now the time for talk is over.  It is here! Introducing my newly published eBook, titled; Build Your Own Backyard Clay Oven by Gavin Webber It seems like just about everyone wants to cook outdoors these days, and what better way to do it than in your very own backyard clay   [Continue Reading …]

Clay Oven eBook Off to the Proof Reader


I realise that a lot of my posts of late have been about my eBooks, and hopefully it is not wearing too thin with you dear reader. It has been because I have been on holidays and the days have been very hot. I have found myself being unable to do normal outdoor sustainable things, except to keep the garden and chooks alive.With all this indoor time on my hands, and due to the fact that I don't   [Continue Reading …]

A Cheese Making eBook?


So, today as I was waiting for Kim to finish editing the outdoor clay oven manuscript, I started thinking about what else I was a subject matter expert on (expert status loosely applied of course).It took me a few minutes until I came up with the idea of writing a book about Home Cheese Making.  It struck me as bleeding obvious seeing that I also write a cheese making blog over at Little   [Continue Reading …]