Build Your Own Small Solar Power System eBook

Today, I published my third eBook.  It has taken me nearly two months to write, edit, seek technical advice, design a book cover, and get it proof read.

I would like to thank Michael O’Connell and Phil Richardson for their technical expertise and advice.  It would have only been half of the book without their input.

A big kiss goes to my Mother-in-law, Pam, who diligently proof reads each of my publications.

Anyway, here is the blurb, and purchase details if you are interested in making a system that will server you well in the event of a grid failure or rolling blackout.

Build Your Own Small Solar Power System
by Gavin Webber

So what do you do when the power goes out? Do you fumble around in the dark looking for candles or a torch to light the way? Is it an inconvenience or a major disaster when you lose the mains?

Well, look no further.

This eBook is a how to guide, with comprehensive instructions that will enable you to benefit from my experience and research, and build your very own small solar power system even on a modest budget.

So discover how easy it is to make your own small solar power supply, driven by the greatest resource we have at our disposal. The Sun.



  1. says

    Congrats on your third e-book Gav!

    I am a convert to your books after having had the Chickens e-book assist us so much with having our very first backyard flock.

    Looking forward to having a read of this one too. I had no idea you could build your own solar power system! Maybe that can be the next project for me and the fella now we have finished building our coop…

  2. says

    Looks great Gavin! I’ve been interested in getting my very own standalone solar setup since the first day I saw yours! Thanks for the blog add too!

  3. says

    Gavin – very interested, but when you say ‘for a modest budget’ just how modest is that? We have absolutely no spare dosh at the mo, but perhaps in a few months time, we might stretch to buying materials

    Roughly how much do you reckon we need? (we need euros, but hooray for currency calculators…)

    • says

      Hi Carol. If you source all the parts brand new then it would cost approx AUD$1400 at 210Ah capacity with 220 watts of solar panels. That said, you can source most of the parts second hand which would substantially cut the cost to below $500.

      Good insurance never cost so little as far as I am concerned.

      Gavin x

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