How Would You Rate Your Greenness?


Self reflection is something we should all do often.  Otherwise, how would we be able to fully understand how far we have travelled on our sustainable living journey.However, our sustainable living journey needs to have a reference, a spectrum or scale if you like, so that we can all gauge where we are on the journey.This spectrum shown above is a good tool to help one understand   [Continue Reading …]

A Day At The Museum


I have been working diligently on my Clay Oven eBook so I needed a break away from the screen.  Ben suggested that we visit the Museum, so off we went. The Melbourne Museum is big.  So big, that we didn't get to see all of it in the time we had allocated.Firstly, the dinosaur exhibit.We read all the information and looked at all the bones.  The displays were very well   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Tips on Little Green Cheese


Just for all you curd nerds out there, I have published a post over on my cheese blog, Little Green Cheese. It is about maintaining a consistent temperature with your cheese (aka wine cooler) fridge.  The question came from a reader, Sandra who was having trouble with her own cheese fridge.Pop on over and have a read of the post titled "Cheese Fridge Tips".Gav   [Continue Reading …]

Berry Nice


There is nothing quite as delicious and satisfying as a bowl full of home grown berries, with a drizzle of fresh single cream!Well, that is what Kim and I have been eating for the last few evenings as our dessert.Our thornless Loganberries are fruiting abundantly.  This year has been the best harvest we have ever had.  I tried something different, and didn't cut the canes right back in   [Continue Reading …]

Build Your Own Small Solar Power System eBook

Today, I published my third eBook.  It has taken me nearly two months to write, edit, seek technical advice, design a book cover, and get it proof read. I would like to thank Michael O'Connell and Phil Richardson for their technical expertise and advice.  It would have only been half of the book without their input. A big kiss goes to my Mother-in-law, Pam, who diligently proof reads each of   [Continue Reading …]

Docklands Community Garden


Community gardens are great places to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables from experienced amateurs who are willing to share their skills with newbie's   Well that is what I have heard, because unfortunately, I am not a member of such a group.We do have the start of a community garden in our town of Melton, which is great and I totally support it, but I haven't gotten   [Continue Reading …]

Solar Spotting In Salt Lake City


No, I have not flown half way around the work to check out another impressive Solar PV installation.  That is what I have guys and girls for xD.  A regular reader, Andrew, alerted me to a massive solar installation that he just discovered on his travels.Here is Andrew to tell his story;"Hi Gavin, I am currently attending the Supercomputing conference SC12, over in Salt Lake City   [Continue Reading …]

A Pleasant Surprise


Whilst flicking through Green Lifestyle Magazine (formally G Magazine) today in my local newsagent, I stumbled up this little snippet on page 16 of the December/January edition.I was gob-smacked   It is not often that this humble blog gets a plug in a national green magazine (well not too often).A big thank you to the team at Green Lifestyle mag for the free promotion.  I   [Continue Reading …]

Drunken Cow Cheese – The Verdict


The Drunken Cow cheese has matured, so it is time for a taste test.This cheese was made on the 3rd of August 2012 from 3.8% butterfat full cream milk.De-waxing: Slight swelling of the wax.  There was a little moisture under the wax, with clear sweet liquid running out after the seal was broken.  It was not sour. I had to dry the outside of the cheese with paper towel.   The   [Continue Reading …]

Readers Mailbag – Suburban Block Size


How much land is enough to provide food for your family?  Do you really need acres of land?  Well it all depends on what your goals are.  Mine were simple.  I needed as much as I could manage with the time I have available.  No more, no lessToday's question comes from Tracey about that very subject.Hi GavinThanks for sharing your family’s adventure into semi   [Continue Reading …]

Just Like Mama Used To Make


Great cheese making workshop today!I taught a Mozzarella cheese course a group of people out at Roxburgh Park, to the north of Melbourne.  The venue was the  Homestead Community & Learning Centre which is a beautiful old building in the middle of the suburb.There were 8 students, four at a time, in quite a small kitchen.  However we overcame all obstacles, and got an   [Continue Reading …]

My Garden Maintenance Routine


Everyone knows that most machinery cannot run very long with out regular maintenance, so why not take the time to maintain our gardens?  I find that to keep it fruitful and healthy, regular maintenance chores are a must.Once a month, when the moon is a waning crescent, I get out into the garden for a spot of maintenance.  This maintenance is usually a half a day's work, but is a   [Continue Reading …]

Almost Veggie Update – November


Ten months have past since we set our goal to reduce our meat intake by 80%.  We have consumed many hearty meals since then.So what has it been like, I hear you ask?Well, surprisingly, it has been not quite as difficult as we first thought.Back at the beginning, Kim, Ben, and I were your traditional mainstream omnivores.  We had a portion of meat in our diet at least once a day,   [Continue Reading …]

Fix The Cause, Not The Effect!


Last night, Kim and I watched Star Trek - The Next Generation.  This TV series always brought to light topical issues of the day, and some still stand the test of time, even though it was produced in the 80's.  This particular episode was called True Q.Anyway, back to the story.  This episode had a sub plot, which most episodes do, about a planet-Tagra IV-whose inhabitants had, over   [Continue Reading …]

Fun At ScienceWorks


"Cracking good job, Gromit!"Well, that's what Ben and I thought when we saw these scenes at the Scienceworks Museum in Melbourne on Monday.Ben and I visited this wonderful centre of learning as an excursion treat for home school, as I had the day off.I believe that a world without knowledge of science is a world without knowledge of truth, and it is a lack of general scientific   [Continue Reading …]