The Fantastic Incredible Edible

Would you like your community to come together to grow fruit and vegetables in every spare plot of land that would normally going to waste?

Well that is just part of what the Incredible Edible movement have done in Todmorden, UK.
Let me allow one of the founders, Pam Wurhust explain in this TED video.
It is quite amazing that this all started around a kitchen table.  I suppose that some of the best ideas do!  In fact that is how our little sustainable living group in Melton was started out as well.

This town has managed to put itself back on the map, and grow so much more local food than it would have otherwise done.  It has helped educate children, and set up further learner in the schools.  They even have vegetable tourists, which is a novel concept.

The video below explains a bit more about what they have achieved in really what is a short period of time.

If anyone wants to learn more about Incredible Edible you can visit their website for further information.

It is funny how these sorts of community changes are mostly popping up in the UK.  Firstly the Transition Towns movement, and now this one.

Good on you all for being the trail blazers.  We need more people like Pam and her friends!


  1. says

    Pam Warhurst sounds like a bit of a card, which is refreshing. These sorts of initiatives tend to be full of “planning documents” and “committee meetings” and “consultants”. No wonder they hardly get off the ground. To expect government or council to spark an idea like this is laughable. Here in Adelaide, our council seems more interested in bringing over big name “urban renewal experts” from across the globe, than actually implementing any of their – expensive, publicly funded – ideas and designs. And the council we have in this time is actually pretty good!

    Love their crystal clear vision – if you eat, you’re in – and Pam’s enthusiasm and plain language.

    Actually, on the plain language and inclusiveness. That seems to be another trait a lot of these hip, grassroots initiatives lack. Often, they are legitimised groups strung together to give closed groups some sort of meaning. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Incredible Edible.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin, thanks for this post. I really enjoyed these two videos…….very positive with a good dose of humour thrown in. I particularly liked Incredible Edible’s motto of “if you eat, your in”. I always enjoy reading your blog, what you and your family do to make our world a better place is inspiring… keep up the great work!
    Cheers, Karyn from Brisbane

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