Sustainable House Day

Don’t forget that many hundreds of homes and gardens are open for Sustainable House Day today all for free. Homes open from 10 am to 4 pm. Address details can be found at

See you there!


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    Your advice yesterday on chickens has proven invaluable today. I went outside today determined to enjoy the sunshine and thought I’d let out 3 pekin bantams have a free range along with the kids. As I picked them up I took a squizz through their feathery feet and saw scaly leg mite! Stoked that I knew how to treat them I bolted inside for the olive oil. They also got a manicure as they had a few ultra long claws. Being a one person operation this morning (not sure I really need the help of a four year old in this instance) I opted to dip my hand in and slather their feet and legs. Not sure they were overly impressed but they seem to have forgiven me.
    Thanks again for opening up your house. It was a pleasure and inspiration to see all you have done with your house.

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      Nice one Jessie. Treat them once a fortnight until it is gone. They usually pick at their legs until the mite is suffocated and tidy things up themselves. They are such clever little chooks.

      Thanks for visiting, and linked to your blog in my latest post about the event.

      Gav x

  2. Anonymous says

    We also visited two homes including your home. We learnt an incredible amount and came home inspired and up-lifted. You have a beautiful home Gavin that is a treat for the senses. My inspirational take home ideas were Kim’s soaps and my for my husband, it was the your movable back-up power system. I think we are getting one of those. At the second home we saw how to retro fit double glazing on windows and learnt through an excellent presentation the benefits of solar. There is so much that we can do to live better and more sustainable lives. All we need to do is get started and the rest follows.

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      Thanks for visiting. I met so many new local people and readers and was impressed with the turnout. I wish you had have left your name so I could have put it to a face.

      Gav x

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin, I saw that houses would be open today because of visiting your blog every so often. I had a wonderful educational afternoon visiting two houses in my area and really enjoyed talking to the home owners. Thanks for plugging the day. Next year I’m visiting a house with chickens!

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