Pining For A Wind Turbine

Have you ever stopped in your tracks and stared at a thing of beauty?  I know I have.  Kim often catches me looking at a bit of roof porn as we drive around (think about it).

My obsession with renewable energy is a little like train-spotting I suppose, but in a nice way, and without the anorak.

I recently moved office buildings down to Melbourne Docklands, and of late, I have become obsessed with wind turbines.

They are on many water craft;

I believe this is an Air Breeze Marine 12v 200watt attached to a fancy catamaran docked at Victoria Wharf.  This was spinning quite fast as it was windy, and I could hardly hear it.  It would connect up easily to my backup battery box.

Then there are the mother of vertical axis wind turbines on top of the ANZ building.  They are five of them and are 6.5kW each when the wind is blowing at 57 kph (36 mph).  That is a lot of electricity.  These are called qr5 turbines and are made in the UK by quietrevolution.

This is what the qr5 looks like before installation. I don’t think they would fit on my house roof, but I can only dream.  Maybe something a little smaller.

So I continue to pine, and seek out my very own vertical axis turbine, which would be better suited to the urban environments and lower wind conditions.  I will keep on the lookout for developments in the industry or an easy to make vertical axis turbine.  How cool would it be to make my own!

Until next time dear readers.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward


  1. narf7 says

    The more mainstream personal wind turbines get, the more affordable they will become…ROLL ON MAINSTREAM is what I say!

  2. says

    I thought I saw an article in the Adelaide Advertiser mentioning they are thinking of approving a law to let residents have mini wind turbines in their backyards. I know I saw something in the last week or two but can’t quite be as sure to what. I don’t have the papers delivered but may be able to look it up later in the week.

  3. says

    Hey! Turns out you work near my hubby!
    I too would love a wind turbine but need to find out if we get enough wind where we are. Baby steps. Solar hot water/wood fired hot water in first…

  4. Sherridan says

    Hi Gavin,
    There is a house in Creswick, Victoria (it was open on sustainable house day but I didn’t get to that one) that has solar power and their own wind turbine. I’m not sure if it is roof mounted or stand alone. Might be worth checking out!!

  5. Anonymous says

    I recall reading about the Windtronics wind turbine made by Honeywell which can be roof mounted and is not tall (but still big).

    • Adam says

      I’ve looked into a wind turbine, in hope to use up the extra Kw on my PV inverter (it is very windy here in Craigieburn), alas my investigations found that PV is dc, while turbines generate ac. Though your marine example above will cause me to do some further investigations.

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