I Love Spring

Yes, spring has sprung dear readers. We are nearly at the Vernal Equinox (23rd Sept) which means the days will become longer than the nights, and doesn’t nature know it!

Finally, most of the cold weather is behind us, as well as the last frost, and everything is growing well around the garden of TGOG.  Even the seedlings have taken off, as well as every other vegetable in the patch.  Lets have a look around, shall we?

Some of the many cyclamens that we have in pots.  Beautiful when in bloom. 

Rosemary in bloom.


Pumpkins.  Australian Butter, Queensland Blue, and some mixed.

Cucumbers growing well.

Tomatoes just poking through after 3 weeks.

Lots of goodies.  Left to right; celery, beans, sunflower, basil, chilli.

Just the right temperature in the greenhouse.

The perennial Stevia is re-sprouting.  

Teddy is looking for trouble

Spring Onion flowers are spectacular.

Strawberry flowers in Kim’s hanging basket.

Pink Lavender.

Succulents doing well.

Such pretty flowers in our waterwise garden.

Another week and all the grape vines will have leaves.

Spuds are up!

Mothers meeting taking place in Cluckingham Palace.

The Black Mulberry is looking very healthy and full of fruit.

Eggs abound.

Cheeky Miss Jane.

There is her mate Poppy coming to investigate.

The Pizza Oven herb garden in the wicking bed.

Holey Pepino Batman!

 I must add to this picture.  As the bantams were free ranging they decided to peck a hole in my nearly ripe pepino that I had waited six months for.  Well as the damage was done, we cut off the bad bit, gave it a wash, and enjoyed our very first pepino melon.  It was delicious, a bit like rock melon, but not as sweet.  Looking forward to many more from the bush below.

Pepino Melon bush.

 So I decided that it would be better to tie up the melon bush with old thick shoe laces to ensure that no more cheeky chickens have a go at my melons!  The good thing about pepinos is that they are a perennial fruit, and just need a bit of organic fertilizer each year to keep going.

The remaining pepinos.

Looking forward to working in the garden a little bit more today.

You would have noticed that I have slowed down a bit on the blog.  That is because Sustainable House Day took a lot out of me, so I eased off a little.  Back to regular blogging this week.

Anyway, hope you are having fun in your edible garden.  What are you planting?

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  1. says

    Well done saving your pepino melon. On the planting front this morning I planted my last new apple tree. That makes 26 dwarf apple trees (20 espaliered, 6 free growing) plus the 11 stepovers. My name is Bek, and I’m an apple-oholic.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ah spring. I look at the blossom on the fruit trees, the veggie seeds coming up and flowers on the vines and wonder – how much of this will I get to eat. This year most of the fruit trees will be netted. Lost so many apples and nashi to birds last year. I hope to keep on top of the harlequin beetles. It is a simple joy to see the spring garden come to life.

    Thanks for sharing your garden pics Gavin.


  3. says

    Wow Gavin, the garden is looking great. Isn’t it fantastic when spring arrives? I love all of the new growth on the citrus trees, and all of those plants that have been waiting for a bit of warmth suddenly look all lush and green.

  4. says

    We are harvesting turnips and contemplating the writing of a book.. ” 101 things do do with turnips when your husband has planted enough to feed the nation”. I fear it is going to be followed by ” 101 things to do with broccoli when your husband has planted enough to feed the free world ” . Stay tuned

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