Pining For A Wind Turbine


Have you ever stopped in your tracks and stared at a thing of beauty?  I know I have.  Kim often catches me looking at a bit of roof porn as we drive around (think about it). My obsession with renewable energy is a little like train-spotting I suppose, but in a nice way, and without the anorak.I recently moved office buildings down to Melbourne Docklands, and of late, I   [Continue Reading …]

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Vegetables


Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you can save a lot of it by growing your own vegetables.  However this is only one of the great reasons to pop some veggie seeds or seedlings in the dirt this spring.  So here are my five favourite reasons to grow your own vegetables this season;1.  The price is rightWe usually buy our vegetables from local green grocers or roadside veggie stalls in   [Continue Reading …]

Why We Need Degrowth


Let me introduce you to a concept that some may not have heard about.  It is the concept of  degrowth.  Wikipedia lists the following about degrowth:"Degrowth (in French: décroissance, in Spanish: decrecimiento, in Italian: decrescita) is a political, economic, and social movement based on Ecological economics, anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist ideas. Degrowth thinkers and   [Continue Reading …]

Megan Learns A Lesson


Thanks for all the great comments on the last post titled "iPhone Marketing Tricks".  It turned out to be very popular with you all.Long time readers may know that I have four wonderful children, three of which have grown up and left home, leaving Ben living with Kim and I on the urban farmlet. My youngest daughter Megan as always struggled with the beast that is popular consumerism, however   [Continue Reading …]

iPhone Marketing Tricks


The media is full of the latest phone craze, the iPhone 5. Yes, I agree that it is a good looking phone (that's it on the left).  Yes, I agree that it is a very useful device, as are iPads, Kindles, Android phones and other tablets.  To have all the functions of a larger computing device in one small object is just simply amazing, and I am being very sincere.Think about holding   [Continue Reading …]

Mozzarella & Ricotta Course – October


After a bit of negotiation and some fortuitous and wacky events, I have become our towns local cheese guru and have managed to get a cheese making course into the Melton Learning Directory.  Yippee!!!So lets make cheese! What better way to get busy and learn a new skill for the future.  I have the pleasure to be offering a Cheese making course in October 2012.  Details   [Continue Reading …]

Three Hundred And Fifty

Yes readers, 350 is the magic number so the majority of climatologists say.  That's 350 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 equivalent that is the level we need to get back to so to have a chance to limit warming to just two degrees Celsius. Do we have much of a change seeing that in parts of the globe we are already at 400ppm?  Well I hope so, or we better start thinking   [Continue Reading …]

It’s Not Always Beer and Skittles Living A Simple Life


I don't know if it is someone else's quote but here is one of my simple philosophies;"If you haven't had a failure yet, you are not trying hard enough!" - GavinEveryone has times in their life that things don’t go as planned. No one is infallible especially when it comes to the sharp learning curve that comes with adopting a more simple or sustainable lifestyle.The word ‘simple’ conjures up the   [Continue Reading …]

Green Videos With A Message

Who likes a good message?I have been scouring the net for green videos with a message that hit home.  Here are a few of my favourites that I found.Blue Man Group on Climate Change. Flashmob Recycling. Eddsworld on Climate Change for kids. Ben put me onto this vid!     How not to prepare for Peak Oil with Post Peak Oil Man. This one is a bit   [Continue Reading …]

I Love Spring


Yes, spring has sprung dear readers. We are nearly at the Vernal Equinox (23rd Sept) which means the days will become longer than the nights, and doesn't nature know it!Finally, most of the cold weather is behind us, as well as the last frost, and everything is growing well around the garden of TGOG.  Even the seedlings have taken off, as well as every other vegetable in the patch.  Lets   [Continue Reading …]

The Aviator – A Book Review


I stumbled across this recently published book as I was listening to an episode of Radio Ecoshock, where Alex Smith (the presenter) was interviewing Gareth Renowden who co-hosts a podcast called The Climate Show.  I bought it straight way at the iBookstore, but should have purchased directly from the author as he would have gotten a bigger slice of the pie.  Sorry Gareth.Anyway, Gareth   [Continue Reading …]

Arctic Ice Cap Record Melt


If our civilization was in tune with what is going on around the world, we should be very, very concerned about what is going on up at the North Pole. No, Santa and the elves are not feverishly whipping up toys for Christmas.  Something much more disturbing is going on.This year we have, by our inaction, caused a record ice melt of the polar ice cap.  This graph from   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable House Day 2012 – Wrap Up


What a beautiful day we had for Sustainable House Day.  It was sunny, but cool in the morning, warming up to about 18C (64.4F) in the afternoon.We played the tours of the garden a little different this year.  The plan was that I would be the singular tour guide and take groups around the grounds every 30 minutes.  However plans don't always work out that way.   The first tour   [Continue Reading …]

Please Close Down Dirty Coal Power Stations


Some of you may have heard the news that once again some of our federal politicians have reneged on a promise, this once being an important step towards a clean energy future.Here is what I received in my inbox from GetUp!"Yesterday, Energy Minister Martin Ferguson announced that the Government has abandoned its commitment to shut down some of Australia's dirtiest power plants. The scheme,   [Continue Reading …]

Cognitive Dissonance Redeux

Cognitive Dissonance

Ever felt that things were not quite right?  Have you held a strong belief but known deep down that something was wrong when you learnt that this belief was unfounded but struggle to let go of the original belief?  This feeling is called Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance Defined "Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously.   [Continue Reading …]